Wednesday, November 19

Gratitude: A nice little thing: I am immensely grateful for Trav's. It's a place I can order a normal meal, no substitutions, no questions - only "no toast" - and absolutely fucking LOVE IT, rather than simply tolerate it. Ate there tonight with Miss Holea to catch up, and it was fantastic. Second breakfast with buddies is the bestest.

Nutrition: This afternoon my SIL emailed me about Thanksgiving food; her parents are hosting us and planning a pasta bar. I literally teared up trying to write enough to encompass restrictions & ideas & really just wanted to say "I'll bring my own food, it's fine, really, it's easier for everyone that way, even me." And when I feel like such a weird fucking loser who is going to be doing this for the rest of my fucking life...ugh. And then I realized that on vacation, eating is going to be a huge PITA because we are traveling daily & NOT smartly staying in one spot with a kitchenette, which is what works best for me. We won't even have a damn cooler. UGH. I just wanted to cry. Eating shouldn't be this hard.
  • 445a-eggs, bacon, toast, coffee w/ CM
  • 930-Larabar, coffee w/ CM
  • 1045-homemade Larabar
  • 1230-chicken, dinner roll, apple, coffee w/ CM
  • 330-coconut butter
  • 6-eggs, ham, potatoes (Trav's!)
  • calories 2100: p 775, c 725, f 600

Sleep: 7.5 hours in bed, 9p-430a, 75% quality. Wide awake 4a onward. Couldn't fall back, thanks to licking dogs. Heard even through ear plugs. FOR REAL.

Healthy Movement: Did PT last night before bed, and again this morning before class since I was up so early & at work so early. Worst pain is balancing on left foot with hip jutting out; if I squeeze that glute to keep my pelvis level, pain disappears. So, while at my desk, I stood like that regularly throughout the day in short bursts. Wake up, left glute!! While walking, I could sometimes eliminate the pain by pushing in around the area, or by hiking up one side or the other, or by twisting. Didn't really "stick" beyond a few steps - more like, a change made the body go, "Whaaa?" until it realized it was nothing, then back to pain. Always worse after sitting. Got a little movement by hauling boxes & & tables and throwing pallets, helping organize for a garage sale at work. Otherwise, another rest day, besides a dreadmill mile for shoe testing.

Fun & Play: Super productive day. Potential for stressful morning, feeling almost burned out at 9am (work chaos), until I realized I hadn't had any work coffee yet. That solved a lot of problems! Coworker giddiness today - we really have a lot of smartass fun 'round here. Got to drop a little dose of praise on the team at a meeting. Supper with Holea, who is in a great place already. Successful shoe test & BK chitchat about them.

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