Tuesday, November 11

Gratitude: I already used the hubs once, but I'm doing it again: he got up extra early to blow out the driveway, since I'm such an early bird. Literally had it finished by 6am. He's so amazingly generous with his time. I need to learn this from him. I'm generous with words and with money, but not so much my time.

Nutrition: I was strangely hungry today. All day. A small part of my anxiety & panic over the loss of running is the concern that I now need to eat less. I don't wanna dial it back. Eating is happiness again, and I didn't have that for like 4 straight years. And I don't hafta dial it back if I can somehow keep on burning tons o' calories. Eating plenty also gives me the energy to burn tons o' calories (and build tons o' muscle) so it's become a rather lovely self-fulfilling cycle (g-flux, baby!) - but my problem lies in replacing those bonus evening runs...what to do with my training?
  • 515-eggs, sausages, toast, coffee w/ CM
  • 715-coffee w/ CM
  • 830-Larabar
  • 945-meat stick, coffee w/ CM
  • (12p-session)
  • 115-spaghetti squash w/ sausage, meat stick, rice crackers
  • 330-mixed nuts
  • 6-salad, apple, SB&J toast, kombucha
  • calories 2750: p 625, c 1025, f 1100

: 8 hours in bed, 9p-5a, 84% quality. Mostly awake 245a onward. UGH. Monkey mind ensued, trying to figure out why I couldn't sleep, and thinking about my work to-do list. DOUBLE UGH.

Healthy Movement: Body feels excellent, even though OOPS I forgot last night's PT. (I was a mess last night, rather tired & confused while getting ready for bed.) Had a fabulous session: added 2 to my final set of pull-ups and had a bench press PR, making me a HAPPY GIRL. Did the warm-up with my PM class, and promised them I'd do the Thursday workout WITH them. I figure that way I'm not impacting my Dustin sessions, although it might make a Saturday morning run feel pretty awful. But if I ain't alone, as I plan to join the ROUS outing, then how bad can it be?

Fun & Play: Productive work day. Lovely meeting with my lovely lead. Fantabulous session. Productive afternoon. Chitchat with MK. A treat to my Buddy. Two people in my class, one of them new, super fun times!

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