Sunday, November 9

Gratitude: Bacon. It really brings people together, as evidenced by the hilarity ensuing on my FB picture. And because it is also is my favorite (almost only) food-based indulgence. I don't even need to eat it daily, I just need to know that I can, and I'm grateful.

  • 10a-eggs, bacon, potatoes w onions, coffee
  • 1230p-Larabar, berry-flavored black tea
  • 130-pork jerky, Renola, kombucha
  • 530-salad w avocado, SB&J toast
  • Calories 2200: p 475, c 875, f 850

Sleep: 7.25 hours in bed, 1015p-530a, no measurement but CRAP quality. On a couch, wrong pillow, no kittehs, keyed up over my great Saturday. Spent about two hours being quiet and waiting for the rest of the house to awaken. Once my phone neared death, I began reading a book of children's fairy tales. Yes, I really did.

Healthy Movement: Very little. Many hours vegging on Amy's couch, followed by many hours in a car, broken up by two rest stop "jump out and MOVE SOME" cold-air refreshers, followed by an hour of bookkeeping, followed finally by some standing hours at home, getting chores done.

Fun & Play: Amy time. Shopping at the meat market (smelled better than a bakery to me!). Sunshine on my drive. Fast speeds. BK chitchat. Tree visit. Dad's bookwork (his shop also smells better than a bakery to me!). Excited lovable pets. Hubs time. Realizing that despite the madness, I had a refreshing, fulfilling weekend. Happy girl.

Nature: Stopped to lay on the tree at the Avon rest stop. Two months ago, the Superior 100 weekend kicked off my amazing fall of running & running buddies & all the happiness, and a stretch on that tree was the last piece of that weekend. It felt appropriate to stop and say goodbye to the fall yesterday on that very same tree. My crewing adventures will pause for 5 months, my trails shall (way too soon) be covered over for skiers, and it's time to switch my focus to lifting. (Well, after the 50k, unless it's canceled due to this bullshit snow.) I'm so incredibly sad about all of this. I understand all good things must come to an end, and it will be good for my body & brain both, but of all the things I'll miss, it's the hearty doses of nature that will hurt the most. In the winter, I can't immerse myself in the natural world as completely as I did this fall. I can run, I can try snowshoeing adventures, but it won't be the same, mostly because it won't be nearly as frequent. I won't maintain an average of 2 hours per day outside like I have for the past two months! Sadness. Utter & complete sadness.

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