Sunday, November 16

Gratitude: High time for me to wax on about Hank. He has been such a delight to me since I brought him home 1.5 years ago. He's a hassle, he's messy, he's a liability when vacation planning, he chews everything, he's expensive, and he has wrecked a lot of stuff. And yet? I can't imagine not having him, how boring life was before him. He FLIES out of the garage whenever I come home, runs laps of excitement in the yard, and nearly climbs into the driver's seat to make sure it really is me, that this miracle of my return is not his imagination. He prances around me for attention, always a step ahead of me as I walk through the house to make sure he's going where I'm going. He sits at my feet and leans back into me whenever he is calm or sleepy. He tries to climb into my lap whenever I'm on the couch or the floor, not realizing that at 70lbs, he is NOT a lap dog. He lets me squeeze him tightly with ferocious hugs and whisper my problems into his soft fur and smack his flank satisfyingly, like one would a horse. When I massage his ears just right, he nearly passes out in ecstasy. I love him so much, and I'm so thankful we decided to take the leap beyond kitties. My Hanky is my most joyous buddy.

Nutrition: Today's slog through the snow reminded me that eating enough is hugely important. This week's "overeating" may very well be why it felt as easy as it did. A good reminder to eat by feel and not fight it or worry about it, as long as my cravings are normal and rational. Which they have been, for a very long time. Crazy note here: since about the time I started eating more/enough.
  • 7a-eggs, sausage, toast, coffee w CM
  • 10-homemade Larabar
  • (11-hulking session)
  • 12p-burger on bun w mustard, oven fries, apple w SB
  • 3-homemade Larabar
  • (330-4m run)
  • 6-hamburger, spaghetti squash w marinara, kombucha
  • Calories 2600: p 875, c 1075, f 650

Sleep: 8.75 hours in bed, 945p-630a, 95% quality. In late due to movie-watching, and past 11 before I fell asleep, but out like a rock until 6.

Healthy Movement: Left core is tight. Felt it get almost crampy on TGUs in hulking session, but fine for the rest. That loosened it up somewhat. Upper back tightened up a little after the lifting, but in a good "mmmm, I benched a lot!" way. Debated a run to test out Heidi's shoes, decided I should avoid them (Newtons gave me foot problems a year or two ago), and winter weather had me MEH anyway. And then Shawn offered to run with me, and so I decided that this winter, if I have someone to run with, I do it, whether or not I was planning on running. If there's a buddy, and I have the time, go run! That will keep it enjoyable. I'm so glad I did today. It was tough, but satisfying & fun! 4 miles in peaceful, pretty powder. Left core a little worse again afterward, did the PT stretch after both workouts today, in addition to usual bedtime routine.

Fun & Play: Productive day at home. Hulking. Big dose of reading time. Running that felt good. Shawn time. BK chitchat. FB silliness with several peeps. Lovely, crisp, refreshing nature.

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