Saturday, November 1

Gratitude: November is all about giving thanks, so I'm going to include this addition every day in this, my most favoritest month. Today I am feeling extremely grateful for Brian. Without him, my amazing fall of running probably wouldn't exist. It started with crewing & pacing at his 100, which was some kind of pagan hippie spiritual renewal for me that rediscovered my long-lost love of running, and has thus led to PR miles & volunteering & new friends & tons of hours in nature & All The Happiness. So much bliss, all because he let me invite myself along on his epic adventure. Beyond that, it has meant a lot of time with him LCSP-ing on Sundays & after work & at 6am today, & much chitchat, and he is now a terrific addition to the already-many awesome people in my life. I'm the luckiest!

Nutrition: I made a root beer float: vanilla-flavored Arctic Zero with root beer-flavored bootch. ¡Muy delicioso!
  • 445a-eggs, chicken sausage, toast, SB&J toast, coffee
  • (6-19m run)
  • during-two toddler packs, two salt tabs, one chew 
  • 11-eggs, chicken sausage, toast, banana w applesauce, coffee
  • 4-apple
  • 5-summer sausage w rice crackers, root beer float
  • 730-SB&J toast 
  • calories 2575: p 875, c 1250, f 450
Sleep: 7 hours in bed, 930p-430a, 62% quality. In late partly due to my own dumbness and partly due to Hank out wandering and ignoring my yells; took a while to fall asleep (thanks to Clyde); I woke a LOT, but kept falling back easily, until 4a dozing; then I was dreaming about the time I joined Brian down at FANS. I think I got up at like 330a that day, so today's 430a alarm to run with Brian clearly triggered the memory. Whatever, got up rested & excited for the run. Didn't feel completely shot immediately post-run, and had coffee at second breakfast, so I didn't nap until 130-330p.

Healthy Movement: Got up feeling pretty great, slightly anxious about the run as I pulled into LCSP, but it honestly couldn't have gone much better. 19 miles! Should've brought water & calories on lap one, but I knew that going into lap two a little behind would feel much like lap three on race day, thus good training. If so, it's going to work out pretty well! I was a bit slower in lap two with more walking, but not much: just 5-10 minutes over my lap with Brian, on the exact same route. 

I suspect that Dustin eliminating my SL TB DLs on Thursday really was a genius move, as glutes & hams felt tons better than usual for such distance. Which is excellent to directly connect, since I had told myself I couldn't NOT do 20, I had traded away deadlifts for those miles! Finished with sore feet & hips, slight ache in outer shins (left more than right), but nothing that feels concerning. Normal aches & pains. It's not sounding outlandish to think I could run again tomorrow night. Soaked in the hot tub when I got home, just to warm back up: felt fantabulous. Compression sleeves on lower legs all day/night, but I turned into a sloth. Right Achiles did tighten up, as did left core.

Fun & Play: A solid 9.5 miles with Brian, both pleasant talk & pleasant silence, followed by another 9.5 during which I stayed upbeat & excited about the whole run. No bitchy voice in my head to battle! Finishing 19 miles feeling good. No injuries. Three hours in nature! Fetch with pooches. Naptime. Clyde snuggles. Catching up on funny TV. Hubs time. I think I win at today. 

Nature: The run in the dark was lovely, but I certainly would have been more hesitant without Brian's crazy-bright headlamp. (Mine is just sad in comparison.) Enjoyed the change to frozen muddy spots, satisfying crunch over fearful slippage. Saw many deer, including one I'm pretty sure I roused three separate times at the beginning of my second lap. Distractingly gorgeous sunrise. Enjoyable chill. Sun streaming into the house all day. Bit of time in the sunshine while playing fetch, just sitting & soaking it up.

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