Monday, November 24

Gratitude: All of my people that I haven't yet mentioned this month. I got over 100 messages via FB, text, and email. And some cards. And a few in-person hugs. And my mood went from utter shit at the start of the day, to super happy and deeply loving the world again by the end. I am thoroughly spoiled by all of this love.

  • 230a-Larabar
  • 515-eggs, sausage, Canadian bacon, toast, coffee w/ CM
  • 8-coffee w/ CM
  • 9-coconut butter, moar coffees w/ CM
  • 1045-half bag lemon super cookies
  • (12p-Dustin session)
  • 130-chicken, butternut squash, apple
  • 345-half bag lemon super cookies
  • 630-salad w avocado, toast, bacon jerky, kombucha
  • calories 2850: p 600, c 950, f 1300

Sleep: 7.75 hours in bed, 915p-5a, 84% quality. Up at 230a for bathroom, water, Larabar. Fell back relatively easily but did lay there for a while with a monkey mind.
Healthy Movement: Hip hurt but tolerable at home, hurt like a motherfucker walking into work. What the hell is it about sitting?! It's also not a weight-bearing pain; I could feel it sharply just moving my leg to roll over in bed; pain initiates from the hip flexor movement, but that's not where the pain is. Felt like an old person. Did some PT moves in class, a lot of extra lunge holds to stretch the left front, and it all helped. Still, limping much of the morning. Frustrating and beat down mentally. Went into the session determined to walk out feeling great, and I did. Of course! This is the magic of NSS and Dustin.

Fun & Play: Birthday wishes from my class attendees. Birthday voice mail from my papa. Doing my RAKs. FB birthday messages galore. Birthday texts from my loved ones. A Relay donation by my BB. Session. Ordered treats for an entire team at work, anonymously. RAKs rule!

Temperance: Still hating on myself. That's a fun way to start your birthday. I spent my drive into work reminding myself that it's lifting season, and most lifters aren't running 13 miles, and I showed up yesterday expecting only one lap, so why the hell should I be upset that I got 1.5 laps?! Because I'm a perfectionist overachiever. And I need to knock that shit off, or I will go insane.

Work super sucked in the morning. Spent my first few hours morning feeling like a total idiot because I'm trying to take over a full-time job as just one of my many tasks, with almost no help on what I'm doing. I know that's just how this is going to go, but...Not. Fun.

Luckily, my people, as always, saved the day. A million birthday wishes, silly texts, a couple cards, a Relay donation, a fantastic session, a ton of laughs.

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