Monday, November 17

Gratitude: Social media. It's possible to NOT connect through social media, to only have surface connections, and certainly I have "friends" on there that really aren't - but I hide their nonsense and I don't care what they think about mine. And I only make time for two sources: DailyMile & Facebook. Through DM I can keep up with my favorite runners even if I only actually see them once a week, or less. The next time we run, we don't have to catch up on the gap, but can get right down to the nitty gritty details of our hobby. FB gives me the ability to keep tabs on my people, hear their random thoughts, and share my own silliness. I love seeing the little details of others' daily life, pet pictures & kid stories & clever pictures & chicken strips shaped like dragons. Because the little things really are the big things. This I know for certain.

  • 515a-eggs, bacon, toast, coffee w/ CM
  • 745-homemade Larabar
  • 945-2 meat sticks
  • 1245p-chicken, dinner roll, Larabar
  • 430-Larabar
  • 615-salad w avocado, toast, apple
  • calories 2425: p 625, c 800, f 1000

Sleep: 7.75 hours in bed, 915p-5a, 81% quality. Solid until 4a, then dozing in/out. Alarm woke me, bah.

Healthy Movement: Left hip is very, very tight - has dropped beyond the core and reverted to the hip issue from August. Sadness. I was weirdly excited to TTFU and go running at lunch, tackle the challenge of the sideways snow, Get After It ... but this hip made me stay indoors & rest. Frustrated that I was eager but unable. I was literally getting pissed that BK didn't want to run because I DID want to go run in the nighttime snow. And if he had wanted to, I totally would have. So I know that it's to my physical benefit that he didn't. But not mentally. I want to be able to run whenever I want to. I know it's a minor thing, but it sucks. And I don't know what's causing it, unless my pelvis has turned again. I should do the corrections for that and see if it fixes itself. That would be pretty smart, wouldn't it?

Fun & Play: Class. Another blog post written (not this one - one over here). Much work accomplished (yet so much more not, ugh). Vacation chitchat with FB peeps & BL, and then tracking down flights & a car with the hubs, woo hoo! New winter running shoes with great big meaty lugs! Will have to treadmill test, and even if they suck, it's fun to play with new shoes. It also leads to BK chitchat about shoes. Running buddies are the best.

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