Friday, November 7

Gratitude: Today I am most grateful for my fellow coworkers on the Finance Team. We are down 6 people since the Chaos, we had a last-minute unforeseen hand-off of job duties (to my plate) on Tuesday, and the news of a leaving team member posed a very serious threat to morale. And yet, somehow, we closed the books in 5 days this month, catching back up to where we were before the Chaos! I will take zero credit, as I depended heavily on resident genius Christopher, and had very few issues working my way through the many entries. I also won't say I produced at the level required, as I had no ability or time to analyze what my entries produced, but I certainly wouldn't have gotten final numbers today without him. The rest of the team prioritized with ferocity, decided they would NOT be the lead weight, the reason we missed it, and they each put the pedal to the medal. I am amazed by them all, so proud, and I love them so very much. I am trying to think of worthy treats to celebrate this accomplishment, and nothing feels like enough. They deserve the moon.

Nutrition: I almost wrote about being grateful for Trav's, but my team won out. I'll have to go another day this month so I have an excuse to use it!
  • 530-eggs, chicken sausage, toast, coffee w/ CM
  • 830-Larabar
  • 11-bag lime coconut crisps
  • 1215p-rice crackers
  • (1-3m run)
  • 2-eggs, ham, potatoes, coffee (Trav's)
  • 545-coconut & pineapple bar
  • 745-tuna w/ mustard on toast, SB&J toast
  • calories 2675: p 800, c 1150, f 725

Sleep: 7.75 hours in bed, 930p-515a, 77% quality. Woke at 330a but fell back very soundly & dreamed of random trail running peeps.

Healthy Movement: Low left back still a bit crank, but other ghost-aches are better. Left core is super crank for real. Ran a short & easy 3 miles with Brian between jobs. Felt quite good, but I have now ended my 6.5-week trails-only streak, by road-running with the biggest trail nerd in my whole world...ironic! Sat all afternoon at NSS, and the left core got painful, wincing-level tight. Ugh. I imagine sitting in a car for 8 hours this weekend won't feel good either, but I don't plan to run, what with hunting season plus this multitude of aches in effect, so hopefully it calms down. Or maybe this is just another ache I get to expect during stressful times. Whee!

Fun & Play: Slept in an extra half hour. Enjoyed a longer, slower breakfast. Caribou. Got to work almost an hour later than usual and didn't feel guilty. Happy times! Super productive work morning; buckled down and Got Shit Done, and stressed over none of it. This is so much better; this is the way I should operate at all times.

An enjoyable run with Brian, followed by a perfectly delicious second breakfast with him, which I bought as bribery to be his very first text tomorrow after his race. I will be totally jonesing to hear what he accomplishes. I believe in him and know he will do it, and I so thoroughly wish I could be there to see it! My runner is off doing epic shit, and I won't be there to help - what kind of crew chief am I?! But between my (way overdue) oil change appointment & Amy's availability, I can't even squeeze in a short visit, not without sacrificing Amy time. And as much as I want to see Brian do this, Amy time is a precious, priceless, limited commodity that has to take precedence over standing in the woods cheering for a friend that I already spend a ton of time with. But it was really tough to concede that trade. He is just so fucking GOOD, and only getting better, and I have such excitement for his future. Crewing for such talent is a reward in & of itself.

Anyway. The afternoon at NSS got pretty late (715p!) due to that Brian time, but it was certainly worth it. I had a nice dose of Holea time while there, and that girl needed it this week - plus my hug. I'm so happy to be able to support my besties in these various ways, knowing how much they have supported me when I needed it. I'm feeling very lucky.

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