Friday, November 14

Gratitude: I am so grateful for my orange boy Clyde. He knocked over the dog water dish this morning, making a big mess for the half-dozenth time, and yet when his number one favorite thing to do is sit in my lap & lean back into me & purr like an exotic sports car ... I forgive him anything & everything. If I were raising children, they'd be SO naughty; I'm such a sap.

Nutrition: Why can't I stop over-eating? I was in a mode of tracking solely to make sure I was eating enough, but now I'm easily flying past my minimum and still feeling a little deprived. This is getting weird.
  • 545a-eggs, sausages, yam, coffee w/ CM
  • 7-Larabar, coffee w/ CM
  • 930-meat stick, mixed nuts
  • 12p-sausages, hot dog bun, mixed nuts
  • 330-Larabar 
  • 630-eggs, sausages, yam, decaf w CM
  • calories 2700: p 700, c 750, f 1250

: 7.75 hours in bed, 945p-530a, 79% quality. In too late due to painting class, otherwise super solid, woke naturally, got up rested.

Healthy Movement: Sore glutes, that's it! Definitely from the jumping lunges, I decided while doing class warm-up today (every third Friday). Still, I wanted very much to join in, but having already told BK I would conserve for tomorrow's run, I stayed wise & resisted. Feel excited to run tomorrow; have 2-3 pals to join so it will be a grand time of playing at running. And hopefully I see some stars ... this morning I saw the moon (but no stars, sun was rising) and it made me realize I haven't seen it nor Orion for at least a week. I miss that big fella. Greeting him is a pleasant way to start my day.

Fun & Play: Sleeping in. HH chitchat & running-date-making. BK chitchat & coffee-delivering. BB chitchat & breakfast-date-making. Damn, I love my peeps! NSS time was super productive, had extra time to get some good reconciling done. HB chitchat and hug- & advice-giving. She'll be fine, I know, but it hurts me to see her feeling so sad & hurt. Hubs time.

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