Wednesday, October 22

Nutrition: I had no eggs for breakfast. Nor sausage. ZOMG HOW DID I LIVE THROUGH THIS DAY. Actually, I was pretty damn hungry all day again, and ate a whole pizza for supper when I totally didn't need it. May need to quit buying them for a while, sheesh.
  • 515a-2 SB&J sandwich rounds, coffee w/ much CM
  • 6-Larabar
  • 915-Larabar, black tea
  • 12p-tuna w mustard, rice crackers, dinner roll, apple, Larabar
  • 4-chicken sausage, dinner roll
  • 715-Daiya pizza
  • calories 3100: p 350, c 2200, f 550

Sleep: 8 hours in bed, 9p-5a, 82% quality. Wide awake at 2a, up for bathroom & water; fell back solidly but was in/out 4a onward. Gah.

Healthy Movement: Low legs have improved, though left Achilles still tight in AM. Class warm-up felt fairly good, but could feel yesterday's squats somewhat, and more so throughout the day. Yoga club was no challenge at all, except in terms of mobility, and I did not enjoy. Lotta back bends, not my thing.

Fun & Play: Super fun class! Lunch with Timmy. A treat in my drawer from my Buddy! Supper plans with Mom next week while Dad is off hunting out west; will be using the gift card I just got at work yesterday, WIN-WIN! Fun all-team meeting, I got to talk a lot. (Why do I enjoy that?) Target of yesterday's RAK has received it and seems to be delighted. I must do things like that more often! Super productive workday, major progress plowing through my stack, whew. Yoga with friends. FaceTime with hubs, sharing the silly critters like Hanky trying to sit in my lap.

Stress Management: Had to skip a lunchtime LAPW event (too long, not enough time this week), and also canceled on an LAPW committee meeting for Friday; doing my best not to feel guilty. Also considering taking myself off the UW committee at work. There's only so much Sabrina to go around, and when it's not fun anymore, why am I doing it?

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