Wednesday, October 1

Nutrition: Two more days, I'll have all these ribs gone. I'm showing AMAZING restraint in only eating three per day. They're amazeballs, yo.
  • 5a-1 egg, summer sausage, 2 toast, coffee w/ lotta CM
  • 8a-coffee w/ CM & cinnamon (fancy!)
  • 945-3 BWCs, even moar coffees w/ CM & cinnamon
  • 1030-chicken, 3 BWCs, few veg
  • 1230p-BWC, chef salad w TS dressing
  • 4-half bag of plantains (all the NOMS)
  • (515-7m run)
  • 7-3 ribs, apple
  • calories 2700: p 875, c 1125, f 600
Sleep: 7.25 hours in bed, 930p-445a, 76% quality. In late due to busily posting on social media about my miles. Yeah, that's dumb. Took ages to fall asleep, hubs got home shortly after I started to drift, ugh. Woke several times. Got up a little tired but energy stayed decent all day.

Healthy Movement: Hams still tight. Body feels good otherwise, and I have a bag packed for two runs today. my "9 factors" spreadsheet (complete with conditional formatting), there are several warning signs telling me to consider a rest day. I may or may not agree with it, because the brain is doing SO WELL. But given three straight days in the "yellow/orange" mode, I thought I might acquiesce. Until...Brian said he's hitting LCSP. Can't say no to a running buddy! And super glad I didn't, because of course it was fantastic. Logged 7 good, solid miles. Hams were still dogging me on the uphills, but rest of the body was happy. As was the brain. Nature! I have two non-running days on the docket, which should help with those 9 factors.

Fun & Play: Class was great, just one attendee but she enjoys going heavier so we did some bonus fun stuff. Snacky potluck team fun. Plotting a date with Miss Holea. Bonus trails with BK. Silly pooches at home.

Stress Management: Some unsettling news at work. Choosing to believe it's all going to be fine. I can't waste the brain space to think otherwise. Worrying gets you nowhere, anyway.

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