Thursday, October 2

Nutrition: Over-relied on Larabars again today. Three, Sabrina? Really?!
  • 6a-2 eggs, summer sausage, 2 toast, coffee w/ CM
  • 830-Larabar
  • 11-Larabar
  • 1145-tiny apple
  • (12-Dustin session)
  • 130-tuna w mustard, rice crackers, Larabar
  • 4-pork jerky
  • 715-3 ribs, SB&J toast
  • calories 2725: p 1100, c 775, f 850

Sleep: 8 hours in bed, 930p-530a, 82% quality. Pretty solid, though woke several times 3a onward. Alarm had to wake me at 530a, as I wasn't twitching.

Healthy Movement: Very tight lower legs getting out of bed, loosened as I moved. Not the hams, though. I am fucking angry about them. Session was fine, but even my pulls were affected by the hams! At least I know I'm getting great tension, I guess there's that. I also feel the fatigue creeping in, and not slowly. Ready to take a full rest day maƱana. Tried a weighted pull-up in the eve with the hubs's 15-lb bag o' snacks: easy peasy. Beast!

Fun & Play: Worked all morning on the coffee-shop sale, which meant chit-chat with team members and upselling and basically getting paid to be SILLY. Love!! Session. Super productive afternoon. Sad wake in eve, mitigated by a quick chat with the parents and time with the hubs before he disappears for two months. Blargh.

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