Thursday, October 16

Nutrition: Tired today. Tanking energy several times. Bleah.
  • 5a-2 eggs, 3 chicken sausage, 2 toast, coffee w CM
  • 530-Caribou, sweet Caribou!
  • 615-Kind Strong bar
  • 9-Larabar, 1 hot dog
  • 1115-apple (for Boss's Day, aw!)
  • (12p-Dustin session)
  • 130-tuna w mustard, rice crackers, apple, iced tea
  • 345-2 hot dogs, yam
  • 6-half Daiya pizza, chia bootch
  • calories 2750: p 800, c 1625, f 325

: 6.75 hours in bed, 915p-4a, 74% quality. Wide awake at 330a thanks to a prancing Hank. Unfortunately, no matter how badly I wanted to fall back (I'd have traded my next paycheck for another 2 hours), I couldn't. Animals were actually all very weird this morning; instead of their normal 10 minutes, the dogs were out for a full hour. As was Oscar, when normally the cats do not want to go outside in the morning. Clyde still had not returned by the time I left. What the hell is going on? Chupacabra & wendigo crossed my mind!

Healthy Movement: Super tight lower legs. Left Achilles very much so. Right ankle hurts. Fuck off, taper madness! Session was of course easy-peasy fun times. Killing the total pull-up reps! Low-energy day. Too long.

Fun & Play: Everyone in a silly, near-giddy mood at work. Laugh so you don't cry, maybe? Super productive, knocked out two recommendations based on two awfully deep spreadsheets that I never want to think about again. Session. Team treats for Boss's Day. My boss telling me that my card to her made her day.

Nature: Afternoon snack time out in the sunshine. I wish that everyone's job allowed them to take their break whenever they liked, on green grass, with gentle breezes, and abundant sunshine. It does a brain so much good!

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