Sunday, October 26

Nutrition: I am still in overeat mode, but on the plus side, tonight's run felt goddamn amazeballs. I'll take it!
  • 6a-eggs, chicken sausage, toast, coffee w CM
  • 10-SB&J toast, more coffee w CM
  • 1p-Daiya pizza, kombucha
  • (4-7m run)
  • 730-summer sausage, rice crackers, apple
  • calories 2425: p 450, c 1725, f 300

Sleep: 8.75 hours in bed, 9p-545a, 96% quality. Worse. Very choppy in/out all night, constantly flipping over. And woken by dancing Hanky boy. Gah.

Healthy Movement: Body feeling great. Logged well-spaced sets of 10 ring pulls throughout the day, but couldn't gather the gumption to bench. Spent much of that allotted time sitting in the sunshine with a cuddly Hanky boy. Worth the trade-off. Run felt super easy & super fantastic. Would have loved to round up to 10, but Brian's legs shut us down earlier. Eh, if it means my other miles this week will feel super easy & fantastic, worth the trade-off!

Fun & Play: Chores knocked out, including salted pretzel rolls for the lucky hubs, who was home much of the day! Another gorgeously sunshiny fall day. Perfect running weather. A wondertastic run, with wondertastic company, too. Coffee time filled with running & racing talk. Seeing TWO of my NSS peeps at the grocery store. Realizing I had a very bucket-filling, not-at-all-draining, weekend. Refreshed. Happy.

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