Sunday, October 12

Nutrition: Super overate today. Bathe the body in calories for speedy recovery, although not exactly intentional to go this high. Oh well!
  • 530a-2 eggs, 3 chicken sausage, 2 toast, coffee
  • (730-5m run) - during-banana, beet, blueberry toddler pack; after-yellow one toddler pack
  • 945-turkey & guac & mustard sandwich, rice crackers & raw veg w guac
  • 1230p-Kind Strong bar, pork jerky, apple
  • 4-SB&J toast, apple w SB
  • 7-Daiya pizza, bootch
  • Calories 3800: P 600, C 2300, F 900

Sleep: 8 hours in bed, 9p-5a, 64% quality. Felt better than that, woke a few times but was zonked all the way to 245a; just choppy after that. Got up feeling great. 

Healthy Movement: Body feels fantastic. Powerlines run was easy; even managed a long hard half-mile uphill without walking, keeping up with Mike- at the end! Channeling my badass beastly friends got me there. Actually tried to line up an evening running date with CP tonight, THAT'S how great I felt! And it didn't even feel like a dumb idea, at all. A bit questionable, sure, but not at all dumb. Again, my concept of normal has shifted rather dramatically this fall. However, he shot me down and reminded me I want to feel great on Saturday. (And promised me Mon/Tues runs.) 

Long drive home in the van, but happily we shifted seats halfway through for fresh posture. Nabbed some pulls at home, a few random sets on the rings (hard), otherwise just working on chores, mostly sitting. Wore compression socks all day. 

Fun & Play: Guess who I greeted outside in the sky this morning, once again? (Pagan baby!) More deep trail love/outright worship this morning. Perfect glowy views atop the power line summits, so happy to be there in the frosty beauty. Most of my attempt to line up a running date was purely for more nature time: just can't get enough. Fun finish to the weekend, and so thrilled to feel so physically grand. Looking forward to getting this silly 50k out of the way and piling on whatever miles I feel like, gosh! Quiet night at home with the pets, who were thrilled to see me and return to their normal spoiled life.

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