Saturday, October 25

Nutrition: I ate as though I raced today. Oops. Downfall of being surrounded by food & eaters for eleven hours, then following it up with a frustrating, traffic-filled, long drive home.
  • 530a-1.5 bags pork jerky, coffee
  • 9-ginger super cookies
  • 11-Larabar
  • 1p-bag pork jerky, rice crackers, iced tea
  • All afternoon-bits of banana, apple, couple slices bacon
  • 4-Renola
  • 630-salad, Larabar, banana chips
  • Calories 3100: P 1000, C 1450, F 650

Sleep: 7.25 hours in bed, 930p-445a, 64% quality. I'd call it a little better, solid until 3a or so, then in/out until I gave up, excited for the day ahead!

Healthy Movement: Stood and volunteered for 11 hours. Spent much of the morning awkwardly bent over making PB&Js, but never had an issue. Did some crouching in afternoon to stretch the low back, but honestly never felt like sitting down. Got to sprint to the car and back twice for supplies, felt fantastic. Had super tight Achilles all day, right worse than left. Stretched them regularly throughout the afternoon.

Fun & Play: ALL THE FUNS. Worked the Horse Camp aid station for 6 hours, keeping tabs on Brian and having a blast welcoming runners and spectators, feeding them, helping them, cheering them, being silly dressed as bacon & eggs, promising bacon at their next stop, then getting grief because they actually DIDN'T have bacon, chatting with my fellow AS workers, getting to see Brian kick ass all four times that he breezed through - all of it was SO much fun. Especially since he won! Then I met him at the finish line (after he was done, the only bummer of my volunteering was not seeing the actual finish), and we went to Natchez aid station, where I knew many of the people and made more new runner friends! Super fun there, too, upbeat music & bonus food treats & kiddos & a lot more socializing since they didn't really need the extra helpers so much. It was a delight!

Nature: 11 hours in the woods, yes of course! Any time! All the time! Shortly before I had to leave at the end of the day, the music left, and it became blessedly peacefully quiet, and that made it REALLY hard to go. I stayed probably 20 extra minutes just soaking up a little bit more loveliness. This beautiful, warm fall is making me SUCH a happy girl.

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