Saturday, October 18

Nutrition: Oh hey, I ate ALL THE FOODZ today, bitches. Sorry if there was none left for you! The only race food I'd change is more of the rice crackers. Those salty babies were the best-tasting thing in the world.
  • 545a-half Daiya pizza, coffee
  • (8a-430p-50k)
  • During race-rice crackers, apple chips, banana chips, maple-sugar covered almonds, toddler squeeze packs, SB&J sandwiches, gummies, salt tabs
  • Immediately post race-finished off the banana chips, apple chips, and super cookies: HUNGRY GIRL
  • 7p-2 SB&J sandwiches, bag pork jerky
  • Calories 3850: p 300, c 3100, f 450 (more guessing than usual here, but I know about how much I brought & have left after the race, so it's reasonably close)

Sleep: 8 hours in bed, 915p-515a, 100% quality. Um, no it was not. (The bed was amazingly lovely for the price of that motel, though.) Quite choppy after 3a. Awake at 5a, thought about the day ahead, then got moving.

Healthy Movement: Let's be realistic: forward motion for 8.5 hours is probably NOT all that healthy; 50k does a number on the body! Still, it was a successful accomplishment, and I'm thrilled to have gone back to finish Wild Duluth & leave it on a high note. We finished around 430p, sat around, ate some, and then about 6p we enjoyed an ice bath at Mike's cabin. I added calf sleeves on the drive home at 930p; I should have put them on at the second-to-last aid station; thought about it while running, but never thought about it while actually at an AS & able to do it. Outer shins are quite sore to the touch, began hurting around mile 20, and downhills didn't help. Everything else is very normal long-run soreness and nothing to worry about. Yay!

Fun & Play: Time with friends in the woods. Seeing runners I knew and cheering them on. Nature nature nature. Monica & Jodi finishing. Race recap with Mike at the cabin. Chatting with Jennah's family & playing with pooches. Chitchat with my peeps about the race. Satisfaction of a job well done, and feeling pretty good physically (relatively speaking, of course) after such a distance.

Nature: 9 hours in nature? Yes, please! I so thoroughly love the SHT, even when she acts like her only goal is to trip you. I'm dying to be able to run that trail regularly, in short, non-painful, non-brutal doses. I wish I wish I wish.

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