Saturday, October 11

  • 5a-2 eggs, mustard, 3 chicken sausage, 2 toast, fruit, coffee
  • (730-3hr trail run) - during-salt tab, banana pack, 2 gummies
  • 1030-banana, coconut bar
  • 1145-turkey & mustard sandwich, salad w guac, 2 cod liver oil
  • (1245p-2hr nap)
  • 3-bag apple chips, Larabar
  • (415-5.7m run)
  • 530-fruit & coconut pack
  • 645-chicken, yam, apple, 2 cod liver oil
  • 745-crackers & guac
  • Calories 3050: P 625, C 1550, F 775

Sleep:  7.75 hours in bed, 915p-5a, 91% quality. Much choppier than that, but fair. Got in a 2-hour nap during personal time - priority for this chica.

Healthy Movement: Body feeling great. The long run was easy, though left IT bands a bit irritated, as I immediately reverted to my old tentative downhill lean and struggled to take them confidently. Too damn many small round rocks! Got super hungry and wished I had brought something more substantial. Also, what I did take was only an hour in, should've had more at 2 hours but was thinking we were nearly finished by then. Stretched the left core thoroughly before the nap, helped enough to feel nothing in the afternoon. It did bother me a touch in the morning. (Forgot PT in eve.)

Afternoon run was easy peasy wide flat clear trails, although in spots I was feeling rather MEH about it. Had to remind myself that I managed 7 miles on rotten hams last week, I can surely do this tiny little easy outing. 

But overall I'm feeling like I'll soon graduate from this event, the same way I have from 5k's: not enough miles, why would I waste my time? Probably a couple more years, but the thought has formed. 

Fun & Play: Straight out of the cabin, I let out a "Hello, Moon! Hello, Orion!" That sums up my whole pagan attitude all day. Gorgeous views. Felt great. Super happy. Wanted more distance! 

Enjoying the now and not feeling too caught up in everyone on FB. Some pals, yes, sure, I directly missed those who should be on trails with me, and checked up on DQ's BQ, but wasn't interested in the rest and was rather annoyed by everyone's addiction to their phones all weekend. Here and now, people. 

Temperance: Struggled not to go into "it's not fair" mode when we fetched beer & pizza for supper. Ate my chicken & yam trying not to feel sorry for myself. 

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