Monday, October 5

Nutrition: Ate a giant bag of jerky today. Too many shortcuts. Dumb.
  • 5a-2 eggs, 3 chicken sausage, 2 toast, coffee w/ CM
  • 6-Larabar
  • 9-jerky, apple
  • 12p-jerky, apple, Larabar
  • 330-coconut butter
  • 5-Larabar
  • (530-7m run)
  • 730-beef jerky, SB&J toast
  • calories 2500: p 1125, c 725, f 650
Sleep: 7.75 hours in bed, 9p-445a, 80% quality. Ugh, so much worse. It took at least an hour for me to fall asleep, and I felt like I woke every hour. I have no idea what was going on, but damn, it sucked giant hairy pig ass. Still, somehow I got up feeling pretty good.

Healthy Movement: Body feels good. Slight low-leg tightness, but markedly better than it has been. Had some sharp pain in bottom of left foot at lunch time, nearly panicked, wrote it off as taper madness. For real?! Not in this season, dammit. Had an absolutely wondertastic run at LCSP. Big group showed up and jetted off real fast, but my ol' pal Brian stayed nice & slow with me. I got to hear all about yesterday's marathon adventures, fun! The hills we walked were for HIM, for once, as I felt awesome. And I wanted to go even farther than 7. It's probably great that he moderated me, certainly should pay off this weekend, but it's a mental struggle not to deep-dive into the amazing runs and play them out as long as possible. Wisdom, pfft.

Fun & Play: Fun class. Busy busy day. Used my papa's expertise to help BK find a replacement for his shattered window, for only $30! Noon errands so I could run after work. A potentially genius idea from a coworker. A perfect run in the beautiful, cool, perfect fall woods. Hubs time before he disappears for the week. Happy girl.

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