Friday, October 3

Nutrition: Overate for a rest day, but meh: it's recovery time. Nourish, rest, repair.
  • 6a-2 eggs, beef hot dog, 2 toast, SB&J toast, coffee w/ CM
  • 915-coffee w/ CM & cinnamon
  • 945-again again!
  • 1030-apple, coconut butter
  • 1245-2 chicken sausage w mustard, coconut lime crisps, coffee
  • 430-Kind Strong bar
  • 645-Daiya pizza
  • calories 2675: p 475, c 1600, f 600

Sleep: 8.75 hours in bed, 9p-545a, 88% quality. Awake until at least 10p, but super solid from there until 4a or so. Alarm had to wake me, as I was out cold. Looking forward to some naps this weekend, and maybe actually sleeping in on Sunday, woot!

Healthy Movement: Extremely tight lower legs upon waking, left Achilles especially took quite a while to loosen. I probably shouldn't have squeezed in that Wednesday run with Brian, but I do think the mental benefit outweighed the physical detriment. Just need to be smart for the next week, not get pulled into any excessive miles. Got to sit at NSS today, then crashed on the couch at home. Tired.

Fun & Play: Productive morning LAPW meeting where I signed on to champion a collection for LAHS in December - that's the kind of bonus work that I love to take on.

First half of my day: I AM IN SUCH A GOOD MOOD TODAY. I don't even have a reason to be, I just AM! Happy happy joy joy!! Second half: JESUS GODDAMN FUCK, I am crashing. Where is my couch?! (The answer is: more coffee.)

Quiet, near-silent afternoon at NSS but I was visited by Holea and Mitzi, so that was a fun bonus. Mike & boys & dog showed up to drag the sled. Noonan Barbell boys showed up to crank the tunes and smash the iron. Fun to be a wee part of it! Nice, quiet night at home with all my critters.

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