Wednesday, September 10

Nutrition: I honestly missed having Brussels sprouts at breakfast. I have turned into THAT asshole.
  • 515a-2 eggs, bacon, 2 toast, coffee w coconut milk
  • 815-5 Reese's Pieces, coffee
  • 945-Larabar
  • (1145-30min run)
  • 1230p-yam chili, few rice crackers, applesauce
  • 315-Renola
  • (545-30min yoga)
  • 7-salad w avocado, 2 toast, pork jerky 
  • calories 2150: p 600, c 825, f 725

Sleep: 7.75 hours in bed, 915p-5a, 89% quality. In a touch late since I was single-parenting the dogs for the night, hubs off trucking once again. (Better get used to it, pumping season is around the corner.) Alarm woke me and I was not happy with it. Think I could have rocked another hour thanks to the dark & cold. Is there any better time to sleep than in the fall?

Healthy Movement: Body feels pretty great, surprisingly. Class warm-up felt so good that I wanted desperately to join in. Stayed smart & did my shoulder stretches/holds per Dustin's instructions yesterday, plus a spell of third-world squat sitting. Really don't know why that position feels so good, but it sure does. Haven't done my PT exercises since Thursday, BAD SABRINA. Did PT after my lunch run and remembered why I hate it: 10 minutes that feel like I'm accomplishing nothing at all, and yes I know that's not true. The run itself was lovely, it was a nice change to be EXCITED TO RUN, it has been a long time. Hooray, Fall! And also thanks to the Superior 100; it certainly has left me more excited about running. Had yoga club, which didn't do much for the body, stretches without a warm-up is pointless to me, but it was hilarious fun for the brain. We are fully ruined for live yoga classes, what with our giggling and swearing and smart-assery.

Fun & Play: Super fun class today; don't know why, but I enjoyed the hell out of it. Bonus Excel chat with Dustin on a file I made him. Trail-running excitement for the upcoming weekend, will have more than one running buddy! 50k logistics with Monica. Emailed an entire team (not mine) welcoming them to sitting near us, because work really is more fun having lively bunches of peeps nearby. Yoga.

Reading Brian's Superior 100 write-up, experiencing all those emotions again. I wanted to call him up and be like, "YEAH, and when you sat down, I almost dragged your ass out of that chair before it landed!" or "When you dropped those water bottles I wanted to pick them up & shove them down your throat, you MUST TAKE THEM!" and the like. Just live it all again, get all 6 of us back together filling in the blanks that the others missed. GAWD that was the best weekend ever.

Nature: I want to hit the woods at night again, for real. It was too awesome. Granted, I'm not going to get a view like I did on the SHT, nor have all the adrenaline of race day pace day, but the darkness brought so much extra peace & serenity into the woods! I must taste it again, and soon. What has become of me, the timid rabbit?

Stress Management: A bunch of freshly-minted-trail-loving ROUSers are babbling on about doing the Spring Superior 50k in May. I'm feeling super totally caught up in the trail-running excitement and thinking ME TOO, because 50k is a piece of cake because it's trails and trails are always so much fun!

But, please, someone remind me at registration time: tax season, tax season, tax season! Do. Not. Sign. Up. I can crew for them, I can work an aid station, whatever; I can find a way to be in the atmosphere, but I must NOT run it. Training for it, while a million times more fun than Boston training, is something I should not do. I will certainly start running trails again as soon as spring opens them up, but I don't need the pressure of 31 miles looming over that fresh spring lovefest. I need to love my runs, I will not survive if I return to dreading them. 

Based on my recent past, I've firmly decided that my winter needs to be a serious deload from running, both for my body & my sanity, with a focus on lifting instead. You may see me type this daily until I'm convinced. Someone, please take the responsibility to remind me of this. Joy, I nominate you to be my conscience on this one: don't let my beloved well-meaning running friends talk me into doing something so foolish!

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