Tuesday, September 2

  • 530a-2 eggs, bacon, 4 Brussels sprouts, 2 toast, coffee
  • 8a-coffee w coconut milk
  • 930a-mixed nuts
  • 11-couple strips black cherry pork jerky
  • (12-Dustin session)
  • 130-yam chili, bottle Kevita
  • 4-apple
  • 530-2 hot dogs w mustard on a bun, brownie
  • calories 2125: p 575, c 800, f 750

: Today my face makes me want to cry. I don't feel fit for public viewing even with makeup on. Sadness. I briefly thought about going back on drugs for the acne, that's how awful it's looking. However, I decided that if I can just tough it out another 6 weeks, I'll be able to see if it's related to running. After the 50k I intend to fully devote myself to lifting, no runs longer than 30 minutes, only maybe the occasional hour-long ROUS run on a Saturday morning (when not everyone in town is marathon training). See what happens. Better than resorting to drugs.

Sleep: 8.25 hours in bed, 9p-515a, 83% quality. Took ages to fall asleep; tired but not sleepy. Got up at 930p to fetch a Benadryl; solid until maybe 3a, then tossing & turning after that. Got up tired. 

Healthy Movement: Some left core stiffness only. Didn't do PT last night, forgot. Didn't do this morning until 8a in Well. Session was okay, all just a little bit "off." Right hip pinch didn't show up, giant HOORAY, but had a little bit of left-lower-back ache (the stress spot, what?) and left elbow whined a bit as well. What the with the who now? Had a PT appt that mainly stretched the core area. Felt great.

Fun & Play: Session with Lisa. Time reading outside in the sunshine.

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