Tuesday, September 16

Nutrition: Eliminating bacon for a while means Hanky is now a big-eyed, sad-faced, thoroughly disappointed pooch every morning when he doesn't get a nice big juicy piece of pure pork fat. Me, too, kid...me, too.
  • 5a-1 egg, mustard, 2 toast, roasted veg, 3 chicken sausage, coffee w CM
  • 615a-Larabar
  • 7-more coffee w CM & cinnamon (this happens every day, I usually forget to record it)
  • 1030-(homemade!) beef jerky, coconut butter
  • (1130-Dustin session)
  • 1p-chicken, yam
  • 3-chocolate super cookies
  • 6-salad w avocado & pepper vinaigrette dressing, 2 hot dogs 
  • calories 2575: p 900, c 775, f 900

Sleep: 8 hours in bed, 845p-445a, 87% quality. WIDE awake at 4a, dozing as long as I could. What the hell, why couldn't I sleep until 6a? Annoying. Fine if I had popped out of bed bright & refreshed, but I did not.

Healthy Movement: Tight left core, tight lower legs (didn't stretch post-run yesterday, dumb), all else is good. Session went great after initial disappointment on pull-ups. I was feeling so super strong all the way through #10 and then they just went to hell. What on earth happened? Anyway, I know, poor me, I can only do 13 pull-ups today. Sorry so weak, bro.

Dustin questioned what has changed in that my running feels so good again, and my lifting is on the up & up, and I just plain ol' feel so very good. I told him nothing has changed, but he said "It's gotta be something - it's ALWAYS something."

There are many little things, like perfect fall weather, a massive dose of endorphins & happiness from the Superior 100 weekend, lowered work stress, less internalizing, more fun events with my various peeps...little things that are, perhaps, really the big things.

Perhaps also dramatically reducing nuts, but analyzing the physical reasons isn't nearly as fun as recognizing the awesome people-related things because I know they have a huge impact on the state of my brain, and for me that always translates directly to the physical.

Fun & Play: Productive work day, fun chats, fun team break playing a game, good things. Great session, and with my Timmy, too! Sitting by MB & Joy during the all-team. Fun, non-sarcastic, energizing lovelies! Few more chores knocked out in the eve, plus going to bed early. Delicious.

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