Thursday, September 4

Nutrition: Hard to keep up calories today. Too much driving. Made me glad I tracked, so I ate a little more when we returned to the cabin.

~~5a-2 eggs, bacon, 5 Brussels sprouts, 2 toast, coffee
~~(7-Holea session)
~~1030-jerky, Larabar, coffee
~~3-half jerky, kind bar, apple, zevia
~~730-half salad, bag apple chips
~~9-2 hot dogs
~~Calories 1825: p 875, c 600, f 350

Sleep: 7.5 hours in bed, 915p-445a, 83% quality. Choppy. No good. 

Healthy Movement: Session early, felt tough again. Sitting (driving) for 5 hours in a car made me batshit. 

Fun & Play: PTO! NSS time. Drive up to the race with Brian was fun, lots of AC/DC. And then our cabin turned out to be fucking amazing. Working out race day logistic. Slept with the windows open, the lake sounded like the ocean, and nice & cool. Absolute pure perfection. 

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