Thursday, September 11

Nutrition: Starving today; apparently my appetite is back, but with a vengeance, sheesh. I am in desperate need of time to food-prep, or else my case of tuna to show up (hurry, Amazon!), because jerky for lunch is not acceptable. It's fucking delicious, but so not affordable. I've been really dumb about food spending, need to rein that shit in. I could make a lot of my snacks for a hell of a lot cheaper, just need to make the time.
  • 6a-1 egg, mustard, bacon, 2 toast, coffee w CM
  • 945-Larabar
  • 11-Renola
  • (12p-Dustin session)
  • 130-S&H jerky, banana
  • 330-Paleo bar
  • (6-1-hour run)
  • 730-salad w avocado, 2 toast
  • calories 2175: p 525, c 850, f 800
Sleep: 8.25 hours in bed, 930p-545a, 86% quality. Was basically awake 5a onward. Reliving the weekend, trying to cement all those perfect moments into my memory.

Healthy Movement: Body feeling good. Brain was feeling awesome enough to request heavier weight TGUs in my session, after meekly sticking with the safe light 16kg for weeks now. The actual convo after the first rep with 16kg:
Dustin: So what do you want to do?
Oh yeah, and besides the happier TGUs, there was that little bitty PR in my ring pull-ups!
FIFTEEN straight ring pulls! (Or, as my brain keeps stating it: fif-fuckin-teen!)
I wish Dustin had been watching to audit that number because frankly I don't even know how I did it. They just flew up. I say GODDAMN, that made me happy! Next, must hit 15 on the NG bar, and then...well...twenty, obviously. Never satisfied.

Eve run with Monica was amazingly good, and an hour long without effort. It was the kind of good that got me into running to a start with. Please stay, wonderful feeling! Please please please!

Fun & Play: Cool morning weather. Productive work day. Fabulous session. All the plans with all the running buddies. A fantastic run, doesn't get better than enjoying the movement.

Hubs heading out on a well-deserved vacation - just wish I were going with. Brian had better feel so fucking special that I traded it for last weekend. But honestly: it was worth it, the Superior 100 was much more fun than the Legendary 100 has been in the past many years. For someone who doesn't drink, can't eat any of the group food, hasn't watched the races at all this year, has very little in common with the rest of the group, and likes to go to bed by 9pm & get up at's not all that fun anymore. There's maybe a single mile of trails nearby, and zero squat racks or pull-up bars! And I can hole up with a book in the peace & quiet at home, and that will be more restful than CLS would've been anyway. But hey, I'm not holing up at all! Running with all my besties (YAY), and then also cleaning my entire house (BOO), so that they can come over next weekend (YAY) for a bonfire (EXTRA YAY).

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