Sunday, September 7

Nutrition: Very little appetite today. Very strange. Wish I had been calculating as I went, because this was way too low.
  • 7a-Renola, coffee
  • 8a-2 eggs, bacon, 2 toast, coffee
  • 1p-Cobb salad, kombucha
  • 3-can caffeinated Zevia
  • 645-yam chili, 1 toast
  • calories 1475: p 375, c 650, f 500

Sleep: 8.75 hours in bed, 10p-645a, 100% quality. I would absolutely agree with that. I felt like I never twitched until 630a. Hoped I could fall back for more, but no dice. Instead I spent an hour outside soaking up even more nature. Lovely beyond belief.

Healthy Movement: Um, not much. Body feeling fairly decent, little bit of tightness in glutes from the climbs, but moderate; and the knees/IT bands didn't whine at all, which was my bigger concern. I even dashed up the hill from rocks to cabin, & back down, to deliver Brian's sandals, and that felt perfectly fine. However, the many hours in the car ride back did make me insane. We stopped twice to get out and MOVE and I was happy to stretch out the upper back in particular. Nothing to do with the SHT, and everything to do with hating sitting in a car.

Fun & Play: We all had a long, slow, leisurely morning with a full drag-out to the 11am check-out time. We even returned down to the rocks a second time for the crew picture-taking session. It was so impossibly hard to leave. I want to live in that spot, forever and ever. And ever. The drive back was okay, though; we kept the music loud, stopped at the Duluth Grill with Shannon & Greg before our final crew departure, and continued trading fresh tidbits on the race. Our second pit stop was at the Avon rest stop, where Brian stood in the lake and I stretched out on a fallen tree trunk. I mean, gawd, what hippies!

This was pretty much a perfect weekend. The only improvement could have been getting Brian an even higher, more amazing finish; other than that, nothing could've made it better! Happy little Hoppe girl.

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