Sunday, September 14

Nutrition: Got my act together in terms of food prep: whole slow-cooker chicken with a jar of salsa dumped on it; 4 packages of frozen veg cooked up, sprinkled with a TS spice, for a breakfast side; 2 packages of breakfast chicken sausage cooked (need to lay off the bacon for a while); bunch of yams cooked. Go me!
  • 645-2 eggs, bacon, roasted veg (cabbage, bok choi, rutabaga, cauliflower), 2 toast, coffee w CM
  • (1015-hulking session)
  • 1145-summer sausage w rice crackers, apple w SB
  • 215-coconut bar
  • 545-2 hot dogs w mustard, 3 toast w SB & CB & jelly, half kombucha
  • (645-4.6m run)
  • Calories 2275: P 600, C 575, F 1100

Sleep: 9 (!) hours in bed, 930p-630a, 86% quality. Coughed myself awake at 130a (I am apparently allergic to my work desk, and my bed), hit bathroom and drank water to soothe the throat. In/out 5a onward, trying to fall back but no luck. Got up rested but a little groggy. Felt a little sleepy while hammocking but otherwise I had zero need for a nap, no energy crash. Cool!

Healthy Movement: I got up feeling really damn good. Little core tightness but the legs & the hips, they felt just fine, how is that possible?! I expected at least SOME creakiness to start my day. Not even any left-knee pain on stairs, and. THAT is a total shock. Put on compression socks anyway, figured every little bit helps if I'm running tonight, too. Had me a fun hulking session, improved my bench a bit over two weeks ago; all things felt good. Not stellar, not bad, just good. If not for the evening run plan, would've dragged the tire outside for some flips in the lovely warm sunshine. Instead I got to enjoy an easy run at LCSP; worth the trade-off both for the company, the nature, and the fantastic T&S training. The left core felt somewhat tight while running, but not bad. Need to get back onto my proper PT schedule and I'm sure it will go away again. Also I made sure to stuff myself before the run to see if it would sit well. I was fine, but I did have about an hour to digest, so I still don't know if I could put much down DURING a run.

Fun & Play: Productive day, lots of chores & food prep & cleaning done. Not fun to DO, but fun to HAVE DONE. Good hulking session. Sunshine & open windows. Hammock time. Not feeling beat-up from yesterday. Very enjoyable easy run. Chatting with Brian. Hubs back home.

Nature: Open windows again, yay! Hammock time! It took bundling up into a hat, mittens, and a sleeping bag, but it was worth it. Especially when a fawn wandered right into my yard. Eeee! And the run at LCSP was so perfect. Perfect temps, quiet time of day, peaceful woods. Fall is the best, yo.

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