Sunday, August 31

Nutrition: Last night I bought Brussels sprouts for the first time in ages. Why haven't I been buying these? Delicious addition to breakfast!
  • 7a-2 eggs, bacon, Brussels sprouts, 2 toast, coffee w coconut milk
  • (930-hulking session)
  • 1045-brownie
  • 1215p-mixed nuts, kombucha 
  • 415-hot dog w kraut & mustard, SB&J bun
  • 545-3 ribs
  • 945-4 chews 
  • (10-5.3m run)
  • calories 2575: p 600, c 925, f 1050

Sleep: 8.75 hours in bed, 945p-630a, 89% quality. Pretty solid, and was able to wake up slowly on my own. Lovely! Napped 2-4p anyway, because I could.

Healthy Movement: Left Achilles strangely tight upon waking, but went away quickly. Right hip pinch just barely there, left hip fairly good. Did some basement hulking where I discovered the right hip is pretty bad after all, some PT stretches made it angry (modified them), and I couldn't find a pain-free squat at all, even at BW. Fuck! Also the left forearm was back to hating TGUs even though on Thursday they were okay with the same KB size. What the hell is going on there? BLARGH. It's finally big-goal season and now I'm full of issues. So frustrating. At least the bench went well, first time it's been decent at home in quite a while.

Right hip improved with the nap & it didn't even give a whimper on the night run. Left core area did kick in around mile 3, disappointing, but that is more of a dull ache that I know I can run through on race day if needed. Didn't do full PT in eve, just the left core stretch. Too tired.

Fun & Play: A great night's sleep. Lazy day at home. Pooches. Nap time. Backyard bonfire. Night run with a lovely group.

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