Saturday, September 6

Nutrition: I was writing everything down but not tracking. Had no idea where I'd come in for calories, and absolutely didn't care. How does one begin to adjust calorie needs when not sleeping a wink? I just ate by feel. But whoa, did I get sick of snacky food between these two days. I was starving, literally an empty growling stomach, when I went off on my hike with Brian. I had expected running so I didn't want to eat much food beforehand, and then all of my stuff went back to the cabin during my run, and none of it was there when I finished. Hungry & miserable until I encountered the restaurant at the finish line. Most deliciousest meal ever! Also, capped off the day with hot dogs over the campfire. I mean, really, how exactly right is that?
  • 130a-half fruit leather, partial can caffeinated Zevia, 4 Pro Bar chews
  • (230a-4-hour hike)
  • during hike-sweet potato baby food w/ salt tab, sl bacon, applesauce w salt tab
  • 930a-2 eggs, bacon, hashbrowns, coffee
  • 12p-pork jerky, Kind bar, rice crackers
  • 330-summer sausage, rice crackers, apple chips, can caffeinated Zevia
  • 6-salad w avocado
  • 9-2 hot dogs, 1 bun
  • calories 2925: p 900, c 1400, f 625

Sleep: No attempt at Friday-overnight sleep. Post-run, I kind of caught a catnap in the car at the next aid station. Super uncomfortable and jagged, did not actually WANT to sleep (and potentially miss Brian & Justen) but was so exhausted that I couldn't stay awake - but I woke up about every 10 minutes to look for our runners. Basically, it was useless and left me even more miserable. In the afternoon, after returning to the cabin, I took a pillow and sleeping bag down to the rocks. Didn't fall asleep, but did completely enjoy about an hour of relaxing and sunshine and just plain old nature.

Healthy Movement: From about 1:30a onward I stood next to the bonfire at my starting aid station, waiting for Brian & Greg to arrive. At 2:30a we started my two legs, which took four hours. Brian was in rough shape: not up for running anything but very easy, non-technical patches - of which there were very, very few. The SHT is not a kind trail. I absolutely loved it, though. Hiking at night was really quite enjoyable, nice & cool. So beautiful. Happy to talk with & entertain Brian for hours, and be the lucky one who got to bring him up out of his low. It didn't take much effort, actually, because our stretch was easier than his prior one, and he rediscovered his mental strength pretty quickly. What's insane is that he hiked faster than me even with 85+ miles on his legs, what a fucking MACHINE!

At one point Brian stopped me for a half minute to turn off our lights and just soak up the night sky. No moon, zero ambient light, it was THE MOST AMAZING EVER; I have looked at the sky a million times and never seen it like that! That 30s alone made the entire weekend worth it. I could have stayed there for hours. Well, obviously not, I was certainly going to help Brian keep moving, but Jesus Aitch I need more views like that in my life! We saw a wee woodland critter scampering up the tree, stopped to inspect it, no idea what it was. Got to enjoy the sunrise, and at the top of Carlton Peak, Brian paused me again, again just to admire the view: Lake Superior glittering in the rising sun, a valley full of trees glowing, and zero signs of civilization. Perfection. Once again, I could have sat there for hours. Incredible. A big part of me wanted to keep going with Brian on his next legs, I was feeling good enough to keep trekking, but it was Justen's turn to take over - plus, with two miles to go, Brian ignored the pain and blasted on down to the finish, and I probably wouldn't have kept up. Even with 101 miles on him, he would've been faster. God. I am so grateful that he lets me join in on his adventures, because they are so motherfucking EPIC.

Post-run, as I said, was miserable and uncomfortable in the car. At the finish line, two hours before Brian was due in, I got breakfast in the restaurant which helped a lot. Then I was standing around until Brian raced on in like a champion. After finally showering (the highest highlight of my entire life, sorry hubs, parents, etc!), we all laid around in the sun cheering in the other runners and letting Brian soak up well-deserved congrats from, oh, EVERYONE. I literally laid on the cobblestones to absorb the sun, stretch the low back & hips a lot, they were tight, all else was good. Once we got back to the cabin, I went to the rocks for my nap attempt. Also soaked my feet in chilled lake water, which felt lovely. After that, stood a few hours helping make supper & chat, then sitting next to the bonfire.

Fun & Play: Everything. Other than the few hours after my run, during which I was a sweaty gross unshowered mess, stomach churning in hunger, entirely exhausted, completely miserable & a giant fat baby about it, all of it was perfection. And I probably wouldn't even trade that misery off, because I feel like I deserved to do a little suffering if Bran was doing that much!

Nature: 22 hours of my day outside? Yes, please! Trees, dirt, rocks, roots, lake, lakeshore, campfires, wondertastic views, and being in love with every second of it. Happy, happy girl.

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