Saturday, September 20

Nutrition: All I did was chews just before the run. Sat okay; not great, not bad.
  • 515a-2 eggs, 3 chicken sausage, 2 toast, coffee w/ CM
  • 715-4 chews
  • (730-10-mile race)
  • 930-banana, apple
  • 12p-chicken, yam, bit of BBQ sauce
  • 445-Larabar
  • 630?-1.5 slices bacon explosion, bunch of bacon-wrapped water chestnuts, few veg & guac, pear kombucha 
  • 9-SB&J toast
  • calories 2700: p 700, c 1075, f 925
Sleep: 7.75 hours in bed, 915p-5a, 83% quality. In late because I was trying to get Hank back inside. Instead he spent the night missing his soft cushy bed, as did Clyde! Damn kids. I slept like a rock until just before 4a, then fell back HARD and the alarm flipped out on me at 5a. Damn, would've been nice to sleep in today.

Healthy Movement: Race day! Got up feeling decent but tired. Race itself went pretty much as well as it should have given where I am; I was running faster than my lungs could tolerate because I just haven't trained fast. And it was quite humid. During the run, just one gulp of water; I actually stopped for at least 30s to chat with AS volunteers and see if Monica or Jodi was right behind me.

I think I'm done with race mode. I don't enjoy it unless it's a very short race, like 5k, maybe a 10k. But for those, if I don't have a chance of winning, I can't say I'm interested. I don't want to run like hell on the bike path for 22 minutes and finish 7th place. If that's the case, I'd rather skip it and go trek for two hours at GLSP instead.

When I raced too much, it eventually stopped being fun. It's a lot of high-effort runs during the week, no ability to tool along and simply enjoy the movement; and obviously I put high pressure on myself to perform, and no one, especially not me, can live up to my self-expectations.

I am doing much better by basing my effort on how I'm feeling today, given this past week, my mental state, whether I have a running buddy to hang with, etc. Nice low expectations, maybe even zero: just take what the body gives, and let that dictate the outcome. Since I'll never be elite even if I do bust ass, I think I'm good with this attitude. Running a race hard "just to finish" is simply not appealing anymore. I don't have anything to prove to myself in that regard. And running a race easy "just to finish" is a waste of cash, unless it's super silly fun like the Monster Dash was.

Or super fun trail times. I'm fully excited to run WD50k "just to finish," because it's absolutely worth the dollars. Unless I could regularly organize running group outings to the North Shore, these events are what it takes to fully immerse myself as deeply as possible in the love of my fellow trail-running peeps. The Superior 100 taught me just how badly I need those immersions. It also reminded me that I don't need to be the one running to feel that love, so continuing to crew Brian (& others?) on such epic outings is also high on my priority list.

Fun & Play: Race and all the running buddies all day long! Tons of fun having everyone over, absolute chaos with all the kids and pooches running everywhere, but it was great. It was also great when they left and my house returned to utter silence and I had a wee bit of solo bonfire time. A pretty fabulous day!

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