Monday, September 8

Nutrition: I had to force-feed myself today. Still not hungry. 
  • 5a-2 eggs, bacon, 2 toast, coffee
  • 8-coffee w coconut milk
  • 10-Kind bar
  • 1215p-chef salad
  • 3-pork jerky
  • 715-half daiya pizza, protein shake
  • calories 2000: p 725, c 900, f 375
Acne: Avoiding snacking on straight nuts, but allowing the small doses in my Kind bars, Larabars, etc. We'll see what happens; skin cleared up a decent amount over the weekend by avoiding them but also not doing a long run (hiking is not the same stress, yo). I've got to do a long run this weekend, we'll see if that causes any kind of reaction.

Sleep: 7.5 hours in bed, 915p-445a, 61% quality. Woke up a lot, tossing & turning. Woke h/s/g several times but too exhausted to get up and do anything. (Kept dreaming about crewing! Where is Brian's shit?! Let's go!!) Tired and very, very dumb in the afternoon. Slow. Feeling the effects of the weekend sleep deprivation, big time.

Healthy Movement: Class warm-up felt excellent, very little soreness other than hips, and that isn't even my recent problem areas, hooray! Could feel some deep ache in the lower legs when I stretched them, but nothing felt bad enough to stop a run. However, the afternoon work stupidity FRIED MY BRAIN and my planned after-work run turned into hammock time. 

Fun & Play: Reliving the weekend, over and over. Hard to stop saying AMAZING in every sentence. Happy coworkers. Much-of-team lunch out to Raaper's to eat with Mary, and a LOT of people came - 12 of us. Apparently we all needed to see happy faces and get the hell out of the building.

Stress Management: God, this job. It's chaos all over again. A much better chaos than two months ago, but still: infuriating madness. So many hot to-do items, and that always makes me want to cry because how can I possibly get it all done now, and perfectly, and not let anyone down? And it all hit me in the afternoon when I was already feeling brain dead. So incredibly draining. 

Nature: Luckily, cats & dogs & hammocks make everything better, as do my various beloveds. Chatting with my people always makes me better. How did I ever get so spoiled?

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