Friday, September 26

Nutrition: Ate whatevah all day, and landed at 2350, right exactly where I should. Impressive! I then added a pint of AZ for an extra caloric boost before tomorrow's 20 miles. A great place to be.
  • 615-2 eggs, 3 chicken sausage, 2 toast, coffee w CM
  • (915-2m?? Walk)
  • 1030-2 eggs, ham, potatoes, coffee
  • 3-apple, carrot cake super cookies, root beer bootch
  • 530-summer sausage, rice crackers, bread & butter pickles, brownie (last one!)
  • 7-pint AZ
  • calories 2500: p 950, c 1150, f  400

Sleep: 8.75 hours in bed, 915p-6a, 86% quality. I tossed and turned a ton from 130a onward. Ugh. Was nearly up for good at 4a but managed to fall back solidly. 

Healthy Movement: Super tight left Achilles out of bed, but good within minutes. Must be better about post-run stretching. Left core tight any time I got up. Had an absolutely lovely walk with Timmy & Mac, including some play time at the park. 

Fun & Play: Morning at NSS, although I missed my Holea. Walk in the sunshine, and brunch, with Timmy & Mac. Fun-for-me time helping Dustin efficientize the spreadsheet I made him; we may have chopped him from 30 minutes per week down to 20 - I live for that! A flippin' gorgeous day, which I can opine only due to the rest day. Mini adventure tracking down Brian, to borrow his pack for tomorrow's long run, since mine is being exchanged. I met him outside his boy's preschool, so I got to see this adorable conga-line of a dozen little children trotting along between teachers and craning their little necks for sight of their parents. It was the CUTEST. Had nine new pairs of fancy socks waiting for me at home! Texts about the group trail run tomorrow. Transferring workout gear to my new NSS bag. Quiet night, hubs off to a work picnic. Fetch with delighted pooches. Lazy time with soft kittehs. All the good things.

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