Friday, September 12

Nutrition: Ate up the calories today, but felt exhausted all day long, like I couldn't possible get enough energy from the calories I took in. Weird.
  • 6a-1 egg, bacon, mustard, 2 toast, SB&J toast, coffee w CM
  • 945-bag pork jerky
  • 1215p-can tuna w mustard, rice crackers, whey shake
  • 330-chocolate super cookies
  • 6-Daiya pizza, root beer kombucha (so super noms)
  • calories 2950: p 700, c 1550, f 700

Sleep: 8.5 hours in bed, 930p-6a, 97% quality. More like 80%. I was awake & dozing in/out 5a onward. Again reliving all the highlights of last weekend. Just so much loveliness that turned my brain around, when I didn't even realize it needed it. But sleep would've been better. In late due to keeping up with online pals and also this time it was Oscar who wouldn't get his ass back inside. Damn kids! Very nearly considered skipping NSS to nap and instead work there over the weekend, but my overbooked schedule prevented that option. Getting up early again in the morning to run, thus I will definitely be going to bed early tonight like a good kid.

Healthy Movement: Body feels good, but tired. Sat down a few times very briefly at TS (to file things) and didn't want to get up at all. Very tired. At NSS, all chairs occupied so I nearly built a standing station, then realized I could steal the rolling trunk and sit on that; I did, and enjoyed the sitting very much so. Tired.

Fun & Play: Super productive workday, by necessity: no time to fuck around on Fridays. Races are going well in WI for Hop's buddy. Or at least, last night went well. Still don't actually wish I were there.Got a text from my Lisa that she had a good run, on her first run in two months, yay for feeling good for all of us! I hope she gets back into a groove, because I definitely miss running with her.

Saw my Buddy, felt like it's been ages. (It has. A single day without her is too much.) I miss her and I just had to hug her because I am feeling so super lovey toward all of my people lately, and she is one of my tip top favorites, and sometimes she reads this so I hope she sees that. (Mwah!)

I don't know why my brain is so exhausted by Friday afternoon, but it is, and especially today. I was happy to have NSS to myself after 3 or so, I craved the silence for once. Brain was very tired. Have I mentioned I am tired today? At least my attitude is fine, feeling good about my life. Especially my people; do you know how perfectly awesome my friends are? If you're one of them, then you do.

Quiet evening at home. Eat all the carbs, read a book, laugh at the silly pooches, snuggle with the soft kittehs.

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