Thursday, August 21

  • 6a-2 eggs, bacon, yam, 2 toast, coffee w coconut milk
  • 945-Larabar
  • (12p-Dustin session)
  • 145-pork jerky, mixed nuts
  • 6-salad w avocado, mixed nuts, hot dog, kombucha
  • calories 2275: p 575, c 600, f 1100

Acne: The weekend's fierce breakout is healing. Looked back and the only new/out of the ordinary thing during the week was a lot of macadamias & cashews - both raw, unsalted, etc. My mixed nuts also contain raw cashews, so perhaps the macadamias? Or the quantity of cashews?

Sleep: 9 (!) hours in bed, 845p-545a, 90% quality. Woke around 3a, fell back easily. Woke to a dancing whining Hank at 4a, let him out, crawled back into bed, feeling certain I could fall back; almost immediately he was scratching to come back inside, so I got up AGAIN to let him in, then did manage to fall back solidly. Happy to get a good long night in; would've been a complete crank had I stayed up at 4a.

Healthy Movement: Aching hip, as bad as it was on Monday after 12 miles. Worried. Searched back and my first mention of it is June 24. So it's been two months and it's getting worse. I decided this means a James visit, given my giant fall running plans. (Doesn't that sound calm & reasonable? In reality, my brain is screaming, "SHIT BALLS AND SHIT STICKS!") Earliest appointment I could get was Tuesday. Yikes.

This morning I deliberately did not pack gear to hit the ROUS track run, certain sprinting is going to make it worse. Session didn't go well; TGU on left side was pinching something in left forearm which prevented any more on that side, and I lost it on right side on a 3rd set, just couldn't keep it controlled. Very frustrating, not a good start to the session at all! Rest was okay, though my pulls went backward by one which of course felt like a giant disappointment but is obviously not. (Poor baby, only did 12 instead of your expected 13. Sorry you're so weak.)

Magically got in to see James at the end of the day since some lovely person canceled while I was with Dustin. Happy voice mail! He deduced that my hip has rotated (again) and I'm tight in the hip capsule (again), and perhaps also a bit weak in the left glute, all of that adding up over 880 left-foot steps per mile. So, 6 stretches/moves every single day, twice per day, see him again next week Monday & Friday. Crossing my fingers, hard. But that man has only not fixed me once (shin fractures), has always got me back out on the trails. I sort of wish I didn't love running so much, though. It doesn't seem to love me very much.

Fun & Play: Productive work day. Session involved Excel chat, Dustin pulled up my bitchin' crewing spreadsheet on his iPad so I know which app to get that will work when we are on the fly on race day. It's gonna be the coolest thing ever. And so, Excel talk IN my session? Happy girl! Quiet evening at home.

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