Sunday, August 24

  • 8a-2 eggs, smoked pork, yam, 2 toast, coffee w coconut milk
  • 1130-2 hot dogs, SB&J dinner roll, apple w SB
  • 2-iced tea
  • 345-half coconut bar (sat okay but I think I'd eat 1/4 next time)
  • (4-8m run)
  • 530-packet all-natural gummy chews (meant to test them DURING the run)
  • 7-half coconut bar, bag pork jerky
  • Calories 2600: p 900, c 850, f 850
Sleep: 10.5 (!) hours in bed, 915p-745a, 78% quality. Better than that. Took a Benadryl because my itchy eyes were making me insane, and while I hate taking drugs, I don't suppose it's ideal having my system busily freak out over the ragweed. I hoped that would mean super solid sleep, too. Was up at 1a for bathroom, little h/s/g, but I just rearranged my blanket and fell back quickly. Woke around 5a, figured I could doze a little longer, but I was hoping maybe 15 minutes, can't freaking believe I made it until nearly 8! Thank you, sweet Hanky!
Healthy Movement: Hip great in morning, so was shoulder, though of course I hadn't done anything yet. Allergies busy though, sneezy & itchy. Weird that I was fine outside yesterday for 8 hours. Maybe I just need to clean my house? So I did, vacuuming up at least another pet's worth of hair. Gross.
Afternoon 8m run with Team BK was goddamn brutally hot. We are fucking idiots, and would have died if not for the mid-run cooling downpour. I probably could have used a salt tab, as I was taking in plenty of water (I borrowed Brian's fancy new vest to test it out, unfortunately I loved it!) but also sweating like a piglet; didn't have any on me, but that might have made this feel better. Hip pain came on within 4 miles and while I probably could have done more, this is a time to heal, not to push anything. I want to feel physically awesome for pacing duties, because odds are I'm going to be underslept, and definitely will be struggling on technical trails in the dark, so let's avoid piling on any extra issues, shall we?
Fun & Play: Productive morning, and Team BK outing was a fun time despite the struggling. Deer!

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