Sunday, August 10

Nutrition: I ran out of my bread yesterday. Apparently, so did Elden's. Waaaaaah!
  • 7-2 eggs, 2 hot dogs, half sweet potato, coffee w CM
  • 8-bit of applesauce 
  • (9-1hr run)
  • During run-applesauce w Elete tab
  • 1130-pork jerky, coffee
  • 1p-lime coconut chips, kombucha
  • 330-Larabar 
  • 7-2 hot dogs, half sweet potato, apple w SB
  • calories 2200: p 925, c 775, f 500
Sleep: 9.25 (!) hours in bed, 930p-645a, 99% quality. Not that good, but completely solid until Hank woke me to go outside at fucking 4am. But I saw the hubs was still out in the living room with the light on*, so I shooed Hank away, so tired I couldn't care about my toddler dog's bladder. Hop (*trying to shift his sleep/wake schedule to match trucking this upcoming week) apparently let him out & then came to bed, but I never felt or heard that. Woke naturally, shocked to see it was 645a, but also sad I couldn't sleep later, too much to get done. Tired girl.

Healthy Movement: Had very low expectations for my run, which is good, because it didn't turn out long at all. I almost didn't even go, but I have a big promise to Brian that I will fulfill in 4 short weeks. I had some vague hope that the cloudy drizzly coolness and yesterday's massive calorie intake would allow for some magic, but it didn't happen. Too tired, too mentally stressed from the overbooked weekend, left knee pain that hasn't recovered from last weekend's hills, and general BLEAH led me to decide to make it my favorite LCSP loop, with an SHT training strategy, and as long as I finished having fun, I would be a success. After swallowing a bug at only 3/4 mile, I was worried about omens, but it went fine. Body felt like it probably could have pulled off more, but my brain was completely uninterested despite feeling quite a bit happied by the nature, especially the deer sightings.

Sat rest of day (NSS work, home bill paying), and left core/hip area was tight again, left knee a bit crankier. Ugh. So I think it was the right call, and I'm sad that I am feeling so BLEAH, but I'm only at an inkling of how things felt this winter, so I'm sure getting my sleep back together will get me normal in no time.

Did 11 sets of 3 NG pulls at NSS over my 5 hours there; after a few boring rounds I devised a game: sprint from office door to squat rack, do 3 pulls, sprint back! CJ's stopwatch told me my best time was 19.58 seconds. Pretty sure CJ could beat that on his first try, but it was a good way to make it a fun challenge and take away thinking about whether the pulls were hard or not. At home I did another 3x3 to finish the day at 42. And all of them are bonus pulls, because I already had 3 days for the week. Boom!

Fun & Play: Deer. Nature. Good work done at NSS, plus left some love notes & treats. Quiet time at home. 

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