Saturday, August 30

Nutrition: Post-run breakfast with the running group at a place that has prompted acne before, so no hashbrowns, just eggs & ham because I figured minimal soybean oil involved, AND THEN my genius move: I brought a bun from home, sliced that bitch in half, and ate my eggs on it after the ham used up the yolks. Perfection.
  • 6a-brownie, 2 strawberries, coffee
  • (7-3.5m run)
  • 8-2 eggs, ham, bun, coffee
  • (1030-nap)
  • 130p-hot dog, peas, strawberries, mixed nuts, coffee
  • 630-Cobb salad w oil & vinegar
  • calories 1925: p 800, c 625, f 500
Sleep: 6 (!) hours in bed, 12a-6a, 64% quality. In super late due to the night run + 100% necessary post-run shower, then sorta crappy sleep, then in/out 530a as I slowly woke up to the dogs prancing/growling. UGH. Would have loooved to go back to bed after tossing them outside, but, commitments. Post-post-run shower, back to bed for a nap from 1030a-1245p, a full sleep cycle followed by a slow 10-minute wake-up or so. Very refreshing.

Healthy Movement: Got up feeling better than I expected after the run + short night + no evening PT (too tired & too in need of sleep; figured the PT appt covered my second PT session?). Beginning of the 3.5m run felt rather terrible, right hip was extra pinchy, but within a half-mile the body felt fine and it was only a humidity battle. Plus, running with Aaron (buddy of Brian's) so I was extra chatty with him, good distraction. Dropped swear words every other sentence, as usual, but he likely was NOT expecting such from me (he works at TS as well), so that was delightful.

Wore compression socks to bed last night, and all day today, including the run. Just in case they help, ya dig? Left hip was tight all day and right hip was pinchy every time I got up, but didn't last. I sat pretty much all day.

My buddies backed out of tonight's planned 10p run, which was a bit of a relief. I'm tired, yo. We shall try again tomorrow night. When it's supposed to rain. Crap!

Fun & Play: Group run. Group breakfast. Nap time. Quiet house. Bunch of misc little chores completed. Supper out with the hubs. 

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