Saturday, August 16

  • 730a-2 eggs, 2 toast, much delicious bacon, coffee
  • 12p-salad w chicken & avocado, iced tea 
  • 230-Larabar 
  • 6-quarter chicken, yam, mixed nuts
  • calories 1925: p 625, c 600, f 700

Sleep: No record, but 7 hours in bed, 11p-6a, maybe 60% quality. Woke a lot, too hot and too much light in the place, missed my comfy bed. Napped 4-530p when I found my bed again.

Healthy Movement: Body is stiff as hell. Feet are fat, and from ankles downward both are extremely tight. Too many downhills, I guess. Strolled around Clemens-Munsinger gardens with Amy before lunch, which felt nice, but I didn't have any urge to do more. No workout; had planned on a bench & pull hulking session, but got home only in time to nap, felt bleah after that. 

Fun & Play: Nice morning with my pals, extra time with Amy, then quiet, peaceful laziness at home.

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