Monday, August 25

  • 515a-2 eggs, pork roast, 2 toast, coffee w coconut milk
  • 6-Larabar
  • 945-mixed nuts
  • (12p-3.7m run)
  • 1-tuna w mustard, rice crackers, small apple
  • 6-salad w avocado, hot dog, dinner roll
  • 715-apple w SB
  • calories 2250: p 700, c 650, f 900
Sleep: 7.5 hours in bed, 930p-5a, 73% quality. Up at 2a for bathroom, water; nearly got back up for food, stomach growling, but managed to fall back first. Weirdly felt h/s/g most of the morning after getting up. Also, I got to wake up Hank today! Payback, sucka!

Healthy Movement: Hip hurts but not severe. Did most of class warm-up, demo'd moves, and did PT afterward. While my hip was still feeling tight, I risked it to log my run which I needed done today so I can give to Dustin tomorrow. Felt okay, hip didn't get worse; but as hot as I got in under-70F, I don't know how the hell I survived yesterday's run. Power of the group, I guess. PT appointment with James where he added a stretch for my left side oblique area, hopefully targeting the upper end of the tightness. Fingers crossed!

Fun & Play: Class was fun, they did Spartacus...I miss doing that with my Buddy! Also I don't know how we did it so often, it looked damn hard to me today. Productive work day. A run that felt good everywhere other than the hip, which is impressive given 8 miles yesterday, which means I'm actually making progress in my training, yee haw! Silent night at home, hubs gone. All the windows open, cool freshness flooding in. Silly sweet pets.

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