Monday, August 11

Nutrition: Finally found my bread at Pete's...bought four loaves...addict maybe?

~~~3a-bit of Renola
~~~515-2 eggs, hot dog, half yam, coffee w coconut milk
~~~6-remaining Renola
~~~12p-fruit leather bar thingy
~~~(1215-lunch run)
~~~115-summer sausage w rice crackers, small banana
~~~345-ginger super cookies
~~~6-salad w avocado, macadamias & cashews, bootch
~~~calories 2350: p 525, c 1025, f 800

Sleep: 8 hours in bed, 9p-5a, 76% quality. Wide awake, h/s/g at 230a, fought it for a while but eventually got up for bathroom, water, Renola. Fell back fairly quickly after I finally did that. In/out several times 4a onward. 

Possibly woke to husband leaving, so he says, but I don't recall it. In fact, when I left home, I thought he was sleeping in the living room yet. I was almost out of sight when I realized his car wasn't outside, thus he must be gone, thus I better get my ass back home and put those dogs outside! Whew, can't even imagine the mess I'd have found if both pooches were left inside all day.

Really tired about 3p. Attended funeral of father of my new direct report, and all that sitting made me sleeeepeeee.

Healthy Movement: Body is rather bleah: left knee pain, left hip/core tightness, left foot sore. The knee even bothered me when doing standing Ts in the class warm-up. Yikes. It also flared up a little on the noon run, both uphill and downhill. What the hell is going on, please? I stretched the crap out of the lower legs post-run, left one quite a bit tighter. Weird, usually my chain of pain is on the right side. 

Fun & Play: Girls-only class. Sunny lunch run. Chatting with Brian about his weekend & 100 plans. Reading at home outside with the pooches (and flies, but oh well). Going to bed with the windows open: delicious.

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