Friday, August 29

Nutrition: I need to get some salads made; without that, my supper default becomes bacon & eggs. Which is a fine meal, but not for 2/3 of my meals. Need more veggies than that.
  • 5a-2 eggs, bacon, 2 toast, coffee w coconut milk
  • 945-apple, roasted almonds
  • 1p-2 hot dogs, sugar snap peas, Larabar 
  • 3-pluot, more peas
  • 6-egg, bacon, 2 toast, mixed nuts, apple w SB
  • 915-few cashews, couple strawberries, half fruit bar (sat okay during run)
  • (10-5m run)
  • calories 2375: p 550, c 725, f 1100
Acne: Currently fiercely bad. WHY? What the hell is the deal? I was reading a site today (should've saved the link to post here for reference) that talked about several causes that could be affecting me: elevated testosterone, like from lifting; too many sugars & simple carbs, like I need for long runs; diet. So maybe I really have found all of the triggers in my diet but these other two causes remain. Well, what the fuck do I do about them? I won't stop lifting. I need simple carbs for long runs. How do I find the right balance?

Or, thinking back, is it just that there was something hidden in the taco bar? Probably soy on the onions and peppers. Why don't I just go the safe route, why can't I just get over the bothersome questions and weird looks?

Why is this so fucking difficult for me to conquer?

Sleep: 7.5 hours in bed, 915p-445a, 73% quality. In a bit late due to the late run, up early due to visiting guest Taco Pierre growling at my morning alarm dog Hank, simply for getting a little too close to Taco's pillow.

Healthy Movement: I took a Benadryl last night and woke up feeling the exact same! Is this a sign that Benadryl doesn't work for me anymore? Shit. Things feel good, just a touch of stiffness from last night's run. Had to do PT at TS again, but that sure is a handy benefit. Stood at NSS, didn't want to sit and get stiff throughout the afternoon. PT visit in afternoon, he told me to add some instability to my hip hikes by standing on a pillow, then come back Tuesday and Wednesday next week. Somehow I spaced asking about right pinch, as it just wasn't bothering me at the time. Brain dead.

At 10pm (an hour after my bedtime!) I did a 5-mile night run at Carlos with Shawn & Andy (Brian was supposed to come, he is the reason we shifted all the way back to 10pm, then his babysitter didn't show...yet another reason to only have pets!) was 5 miles of humidity-sucking bleahness. Was a struggle on the legs at a few points but mainly I just die when my air is so saturated. At least the temp was in the 60s, that made it less terrible. Super fucking weird on the depth perception & perspective. And creepy to hear critters rustling the leaves alongside the trails, a weird hyper-awareness that you have to just SHUT DOWN because you haven't a clue if we're talking snake or skunk or serial killer, but you (I) just gotta assume it's only a fluffy little squirrel & ignore it.

Fun & Play: Productive morning at TS, knocked out a big task and had fun times with the few others working. NSS by 1pm was excellent, nice & people-filled for a while, but before long, everyone was gone and I was alone. Sadness. But it does make me super productive and I was outta there in perfect time to get to PT appt. At home: laziness stretched out near-flat in the recliner, time by the bonfire with hubs & pooches, then off to run in the woods.

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