Friday, August 22

Nutrition: Despite my giant brick of bacon ends & pieces (aka, my favorite food evah), I looked at it this morning and went, "Meh, I don't want bacon today." OMG what's happening to me, AM I DYING?!
  • 530a-2 eggs, hot dog, 2 toast, coffee w coconut milk
  • 930-chocolate super cookies
  • 1230p-tuna w mustard, rice crackers, sugar snap peas
  • 130-apple chips
  • 330-mixed nuts
  • 615-Daiya pizza, kombucha
  • 8-brownie taste test
  • calories 2750: p 450, c 1850, f 450

Sleep: 8 hours in bed, 915p-515a, 78% quality. Better than that, more like 95%; solid until I coughed myself awake (allergy season seems to be starting & I'm resisting drugs) & checked the clock at 330a, then happily snuggled back in and slept solidly until Hanky found ants in his pants.

Got very, very tired around 430p when I left NSS. Like, sit in my car, soak up the heat, feel like I could lay back right there to nap: very much like my winter energy level, just completely depleted. This is very strange, because I am getting good sleep, doing fewer workouts than normal, avoiding internalizing work stress...I honestly can't think what else I need to be doing better, and yet feeling like I'm in the mode of barely surviving March marathon training or something. So, for supper, I inhaled a metric fuckton of carbs, thinking that perhaps hovering around 150g for a week is too low to feel good, despite keeping total caloric intake high. Dunno.

Healthy Movement: Hip has improved, now back to just feeling tight. Logged my stretches at 6a & 8p, like a good patient. Rest day, letting the hip heal up from running, and will have time tomorrow morning for hulking. Hip was really cranky after sitting at NSS, better the more I stayed up & moving.

Fun & Play: Quiet work day. Chatting with my Buddy. Solo afternoon at NSS was a little lonesome, but the complete silence, oh, she was a delightful respite. At home I spent my first hour reading in more silence, then logged a little TV while I ate and typed. Then back to the book, which I finished. Happy.

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