Wednesday, July 30

Nutrition: Hangry today. It didn't even occur to me that working until 8pm meant I should bring something to eat. How do I of all people forget such a thing?!

Sleep: 7.25 hours in bed, 9p-415a, 70% quality. Hubs came home around 3a, and I dozed in/out (mostly awake) until I gave up. UGH. Got up very tired, but doing okay mentally. However, I very quickly realized my stress capacity was drained to nearly nothing thanks to the crap sleep.

Healthy Movement: Got up with extremely tight & somewhat sore lower legs, plus a little left foot & ankle ache. During class I crouched a lot specifically to stretch both Achilles, seemed to help a little. Debated heavily what to do about noon run, because the soreness was enough to be concerning. Was last night "bonus miles" or was it my Wednesday run, done a day early? Teetering between "push on through" vs "avoid injury" and ARGH. My solution was KB swings. Lots & lots of 'em, out in the sunshine. Lesson learned: one should always take kettlebells outdoors.

Fun & Play: Class outside on the back patio, although I really wanted to JOIN IN! 5 pairs of new trail-running Merrells were delivered to my front door today! Didn't get the box opened, but it's on the Thursday night schedule. Noon dose of sunshine. Rest of the day, see "Stress Management," yo. Ugh.

Stress Management: An overwhelming day. As the pending month-end madness stares down at us, and we're already behind, I got dumped with yet another demand for my time. Meanwhile, just yesterday the CFO proclaimed we weren't supposed to work 25% more hours but rather do 25% less of the work we were doing before 7/8. Yet the tasks we're all picking up are things we have to slowly fumble through so we take 25% longer than the former doers. So, I find myself both working 25% more and getting dumped with even more extra unforeseen work, too. I am drowning. DROWING.

Plus, my weekend is filling up with commitments; although they are all good ones (trails, lift, work at NSS [because I goddamn well can't leave early on Friday the 1st], see a play with friends, celebrate goddaughter's birthday on go-karts), when oh when the FUCK do I get to just goddamn CHILL?

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