Wednesday, July 23

Nutrition: Today my LAPW lunch amounted to about 200 calories. Happy to be a speaker who didn't need to pay, just to come back and eat my own food. But: lame.

Sleep: 8.25 hours in bed, 845p-5a, 76% quality. Up at 3a for water, bathroom, took just long enough to fall back that I considered getting back up for grub, but I fell back and dreamed heavily until the alarm buzzed me up.

Healthy Movement: A mid-week rest day: whoa! LAPW took my lunch run, and SUP-ing with Holea after work meant I couldn't do it then. But I will have some sweet weekend mileage on the SHT so I think I'll be okay. Plus I should probably rest up before that so it doesn't 100% suck, right? Honestly, I'm feeling quite proud that I didn't do my class this morning. Outside, metcon-style bodyweight stuff, yet I resisted. It also gave me a perfect hair day, so, double bonus!

Fun & Play: Class. Productive morning thanks to a team member who volunteered her services to help with A/P. LAPW meeting & being on the panel, plus carpooling with Monica K. Productive work afternoon, best since the eruption, I'd say. SUP-ing was delightful. Short but quiet eve at home, including fetch with pooches.

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