Wednesday, July 16

Nutrition: Quick shortcut breakfast (so I had time to fetch team rolls before class) and damn, I missed my eggs. Bright spot to the work upheaval: a spot on the farm-fresh egg distribution list has opened up, and I have slid in! Sad to lose the person of course, and would happily trade every egg to undo it all.

Sleep: 7 hours in bed, 945p-445a, 53% quality: yep. Wide awake at 2a, got up for macaroon, water, bathroom, but then took at least an hour to fall back. At 3a I was debating just getting up, but I managed to fall back. UGH. Fuck you, monkey brain! I did eat 2100 calories yesterday, come on, that should be enough to get decent sleep, just maybe not exactly feel fabulous.

Healthy Movement: Got up feeling pretty damned great but wary of the shitty sleep, so at 530a, Holea & I agreed there should only be an eve walk: no sprints or hills or such nonsense. I did go on a longer lunch run than my usual, because I had convinced myself it would be stress release. It was, thank the bebe hey zeus. Mitzi walk after work was nice; I was half hoping Holea would cancel, but glad she didn't. I felt better after than before. More of that, please!

Fun & Play: A good run. A fun meeting. A nice walk. Being asked to be on a panel at the next LAPW meeting, which is about fitness. Me!

Stress Management: WORK. I felt a lot better about this chaos last week. This week I'm goddamn drowning; I don't know how the hell we will get shit done and I feel like I know nothing and I keep getting dragged down in stupid side topics that DON'T MATTER and it's killing me hard. But it's so fucking incredibly impossible to complain about my job because I HAVE ONE and feel like a giant asshole anytime I think "This sucks!" Desperately hoping a night of good sleep will restore my hope.

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