Tuesday, July 22

Nutrition: Thanks to my alarm dog, I was ready for work 15 minutes too early. So I decided that was a perfect time to have my first snack: before half the town is even awake! I never imagined it would be so challenging to get enough calories. I need to start slathering EVERYTHING in coconut oil, because once again: 4 Larabars in one day. 

Sleep: 7.5 hours in bed, 9p-430a, 72% quality. Solid but Hanky needed out extra early this morning for no good reason. Well, maybe he had a good reason, but I didn't. Ugh.

Healthy Movement: Core thingy is tight only after sitting. Solution: stay upright! Got a little bit of an angry right wrist, thumb-related tendon issue. Mild, but worth remembering. Also worth remembering: right IT/knee a little angry on 2nd Prowler pull. (Gulp.) Otherwise session was great, squat & bench rep PRs.

Fun & Play: Cool morning. Great session that ended with a WONDERFUL chat with Mary, made the work insanity more tolerable to see she is in a good place. Busy busy busy afternoon but everyone was in good spirits.

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