Thursday, July 3

Nutrition: Hot local tip: the Depot has surprisingly good salads.

Sleep: 8.25 hours in bed, 915p-530a, 79% quality. Up at 130a to let Hanky in, then Lexi barked the entire household awake at 530a. But it felt sound otherwise. Got up feeling good.

Healthy Movement: All-over stiffness & soreness. I thought my Achilles would be tight as hell after the hour-long trail run in Vibrams, but they feel quite normal. Great session, two PRs that felt impressively smooth &  easy. Evening ROUS 5k outing was slow & easy pace, appreciating the cool weather.

Fun & Play: Holiday mode has already kicked in. Signed up for the Norseman 10-mile, probably one of the very first to register! Gave a treat to my three direct reports working normal hours today due to month-end close priorities over the holiday...and 10 minutes later one of them left, ha! ROUS outing including supper on the patio and tons of running talk. Just a good day of good people and good things.

I suspect this note, which came along with a $26.20 Relay donation, will keep me going for a long, long time:
A long time ago, when I was inactive, overweight and facing growing concerns about my own health and the very real possibility of any number of long term effects, including cancer, you were one of the key people that helped me turn it around. You hosted your couch-to-5K group at work, and though I was too scared to join you, I did the program on my own, and now look what you've done! So the donation, though not much, is symbolic of the great change you've been a catalyst to in my own life. Mr. Marathon Man wants to give back just a little bit in honor of the person who always gives so much. You are a true rock star Sabrina!

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