Thursday, July 17

Nutrition: Dear dry-roasted almonds: you are the highlight of my week. Perhaps even better than the pull-up PR!

Sleep: 8.25 hours in bed, 915p-530a, 73% quality. Woke at 10p to a barking Lexi, probably deer in the back yard, but being home alone it was a little scary...yet I was too tired to do anything besides yell at her. Was awake 2a-3a, kinda, again too tired to really wake up or even check the clock. Got up feeling tired yet. That's just peachy.

Healthy Movement: Body feels good. Session actually felt really good, but since it was deload, we didn't push anything too hard besides pull-ups. (PR!) Still, I skipped the ROUS track workout; I was feeling like I'd be better off skipping it than doing it. Le sigh. Went home like a wise one.

Fun & Play: Session. I came up with a brilliant solution to our team's physical location, which was causing all kinds of stressful anxiety. Tough & lovely li'l pink flower growing right on the damn cobblestone outside TS made me clap with delight. Hubs home. Lovely weather.

Stress Management: Tired and stressed about work before I even got there. Truly not doing so well coping, keeping perspective, being in the moment, etc, this week. Spent my morning overwhelmed and super cranky. Session helped turn things around and get me on an upward spiral.

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