Thursday, July 10

Nutrition: It's hard to keep up your intake when you never stop to breathe, nor have adequate snacks on hand.

Sleep: 7.75 hour in bed, 930p-545a, 67% quality. That's not right, it was tons better than that. Like 87%!

Healthy Movement: Super tight Achilles upon waking, but normalized quickly. I've been putting all my miles on wearing Vibrams lately, so this is great to ONLY have early-morning tightness. Session went pretty damn well to start - squats good (though hard), pull-ups kicked motherfucking ASS; bench was disappointing, but that's because the weights are too damn aggressive, and I did not internalize today's failures somehow. And, I got to do dips! My quads hurt like mofos, turned into total whining bitches within a couple hours. Seriously, what? Usually that takes a couple days.

After work, went on a hilly run; was supposed to be repeats, but frankly none of the hills felt worthy. Was fun to cruise with Bill and chat about his running & smarts & just hang with someone so like my logical side, but not so damned emotional.

Fun & Play: Session with my favorites. Enjoyable run. Energizing workday - tons to do, the big rocks are being climbed, we're going to be okay.

Stress Management: SO MANY BIG ROCKS.

Just breathe.

Today I worked on trying to find a way to tell people this: some of the folks cut on Tuesday had LIVED AND BREATHED TS for years. It was their life, their identity, their worth. Yet their position was determined to be extraneous despite that utter devotion. This is a good lesson.

This is serious perspective for we who remain, and anyone working anywhere: yes, we love this company; yes, we love our coworkers; yes, we love our jobs; but THIS IS A JOB. It is not our life, not our identity, not who we are. Be willing to bust ass temporarily, absolutely, we need it now more than ever; but do not, do fucking NOT, bust ass indefinitely. It simply isn't worth it.

When you're at work, yes, please commit yourself. But when your hours are up, drop the worries, leave them right at that desk, and walk the fuck away; you'll pick them up again tomorrow. But leave them there each night.

Go home. Go play. Go love. Be there, fully present, in YOUR LIFE.

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