Sunday, July 20

Nutrition: Oddly hungry today despite little movement. Carryover from yesterday's run?

Sleep: 8 hours in bed, 945p-545a, 77% quality. Pretty sound, but woke up to Hanky running across the bed to wake me up. What a jerk! Napped 1-3p or so, vivid dream about riding a self-driving bleacher stand to the Cities, right on down the interstate. And I woke in a panic thinking I had overslept for my Monday-morning class. What the what?

Healthy Movement: Lower legs tight, left Achilles especially, and left core/hip area tightened any time I sat for long. Rest of body felt fine but very MEH and lethargic. Stood at NSS all morning, and once I got home I felt sleepy, despite a can of caffeinated Zevia on the way home. Even more tired after nap, so I nixed my lifting plan. Instead, went for 8 sets of 5 pulls. I had done 4 sets throughout an hour, then got sidetracked with my financials, so I logged 15 in 5 minutes by doing a 5-4-3-2-1 with 60s spacing. And then another 5 later. Might just do three sets of that ladder on the weekends that I don't lift, to add some mild intensity to the pulls. Also remembered to hang upside down a couple times, still rather disorienting.

Fun & Play: Did some fun work at NSS in the AM, even got to see Dawn & hubs. Peace & quiet at home, including a nap, delicious. Playing with the retirement planned built into my Quicken, that I didn't even know existed despite using it since 2001! Some work on the other blog. Few fetch outings with the pooches.

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